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Comics Read 2013

New post to keep track of things I've read. (Maybe I'll put real books here too! If I...finish any.) Previously: trades read 2012.

Title - Publisher - Date Read - Comment

Batman: The Court of Owls [1], DC reboot, 1/1/13 - This was pretty good! I am slightly more sympathetic to punching Dick in the face, but Bruce, that is still not acceptable behavior. Does this mean Dick can be controlled/zombified in the future? My mind says DNW but my angst-loving heart says yessss.

Teen Titans: Team Building [14], DC, 1/2/13 - Aww look at Damian bonding with Rose. I am TERRIFIED. Group hugs! OMG! Please, all the hugs forever. Also, it is good to know what Kiran looked like when she's not a smoke monster as she is in the reboot.

Superman/Batman: Finest Worlds [8], DC, 1/6/13 - How do these things have time to happen in continuity. How does Tim put up with this bullshit. Anyway. First we have Bruce and Clark's dads meeting, then we have the visit by the chibi Justice League which they somehow managed to make depressing by the end, and then Batsy gets Supes' powers and beats up Dick. Um. I need to get me some more Batman/Superman, clearly.

Teen Titans: Prime of Life [15], DC, 1/7/13 - Awww. This was a great ending for the Titans (unlike, frex, the ending to Red Robin or Batman & Robin SIGH). Kiran in this was a great character, and I hope she turns out more like this in the reboot...or has any characterization other than "angsty about being a smoke monster". Anyway. Jesus Christ, someone needs to just kill Superboy Prime already. Guys, he is never going to stop coming back. Also, Conner, where did you even get a Kryptonite stake. And umm he does have a point about those clones being just like him, sometimes the morality in these comic books is really questionable to me. I guess the authors never spent a lot of time in their teenage contemplating what constitutes personhood? Or maybe they came to different (read: wrong) conclusions. ETA: The more I think about it the more the killing the clones bothers me, augh augh. It's ruining the cute ending :/

Batman, Incorporated, DC, 1/8/13 - This was largely uninteresting to me. I liked the issue where Babs and Bruce fought in virtual reality, because of my secret love of cyberpunk. I was extremely amused by Steph going undercover at the girl assassins school. I'm pretty sure Tim would not have time for an Outsiders team, though, since he was back with the Titans. I'd wonder what exactly Morrison was doing, but I guess he's...still doing it anyway.

Teen Titans: Year One, DC, 1/11/13 - This was so cute I might die. That's it those are my thoughts.

Batwing: The Lost Kingdom [1], DC reboot, 1/19/13 - This was pretty good. I like the art (except for the random issue of fug) and I guess Marcus To is the artist later so I expect good things forever. David is pretty awesome, and I love the concept of Batman of Africa, at least in theory. It's like how I really like the concept of Batman Inc as a meta-commentary on the Batman mythos, as well as an in-universe look at other vigilante heroes. It highlights Bruce Wayne's privilege, and I really love the look at what Batman on a budget stuff people do. It's sort of realistic, but of course it can't be too realistic because then they would just all get killed. In practice, of course, Batman Inc is full of symbolic crap and weird characterization and makes me feel like I'm tripping whenever I read more than one issue.

Avengers: The Kree-Skrull War, Marvel, 1/22/13 - Okay, this was not so much "read" as "skimmed". I only paid attention to the parts where they kidnapped Mar Vell, and Wanda and Pietro. And Anelle, I guess, but all she did was ineffectually plead with her father because she is a weak woman or whatevs. I can come up with all sorts of weird Skrull gender headcanons, but what it comes down to is the writers having no imagination. Also, the rest of this was boring as hell, why did people read this stuff?

Teen Titans: Deathtrap [11], DC, 1/27/13 - I had to liveblog this to get through it. Mostly I thought Gar and Vic should make out.

Teen Titans: Titans Around the World [6], DC, 1/28/13 - Yes, I am reading these out of order on purpose. Awkward.

Teen Titans: Changing of the Guard [10], DC, 2/1/13 - I livenlogged part of this then got really bored.

Teen Titans: Titans of Tomorrow [8], DC, 2/1/13 - Can no one think of original storylines? We have to have the *same thing* happen again?

Flashpoint, DC, 2/6/13 - GDI Barry, you ruined everything. Also, this series doesn't say that things are different once the timeline is repaired. Also also, how many heroes know that that happened? Other than Batman and the Flash, obvs. I also tracked down the tie-in issue with Father Todd, and I...kind of want to write a religious!Jason story. Actually it would be really interesting to write a story contrasting the beliefs of Jason, Roy, and Kori but that would require research and if it incorporated Navajo beliefs then boy howdy would I be afraid of screwing that up.

Batman in the Eighties, DC, 2/12/13 - I skimmed most of the comics in this. Some of the commentary was interesting, but didn't go in depth enough on the things I was interested in (ie Jason). Also, the issues were not labeled, which was extremely annoying. Of particular note was the issue of New Teen Titans where Dick leans of Jason's death, goes to talk to Bruce, and Bruce is a giant asshole. God, Dick, how *did* you put up with him for 12 years? (lol Batman timeline lol) And then came the issue of Batman where Batman and Robin fought Scarecrow, and Batman overcomes his fear gas, and Jason asks him how he did it. Bruce says he just thought of something he was even more afraid of: an image of Jason's headstone. GODDAMMIT DC.

Phonogram: The Singles Club [2], Image, 2/12/13 - I should probably try to review this. I mostly found it boring, since I'm not the target audience. Maybe I'll request volume one...

Batwoman: Hydrology [1], DC reboot, 2/13/13 - Is Renee dead? That is not on, DC. I wasn't wowed by the plot in this arc, government agencies yawn, and la llorona was uninspired. I am sad that Kate's relationship with her father is so bad now, because I really liked it before. I am really looking forward to more of Bette, though. And more flirting with Maggie. And the art is just as gorgeous as it was in Elegy. Overall, I approve.

Batgirl: Silent Running [1], DC, 3/6/13 - I finally understand Cass's weird speech thing! It makes comic book sense, at least. I'm sure it's retconned more later. I've just heard terrible things happen later. Sigh, comics. Anyway, Bruce's reaction to her killing someone was pretty intense, and reminded me of how OOC it would be for him to reconcile with Jason ever, because everything reminds me of Jason freaking Todd. I'd say that Damian was instrumental in their current state of getting-along-ness, but logically Damian should make him *more* against Jason - Damian was trained to kill and consciously rejected it to follow Bruce's ideals, at least in theory, while Jason was trained to follow Bruce's ideals and consciously rejected it in favor of killing.

Batwoman: To Drown the World [2], DC reboot, 3/13/13 - Without the gorgeous art, I'm more distracted by the blandness of the story. It's not bad, it's just...cliched. Flat. Nothing really interesting. I'll keep reading just because I really want to see Bette in action.

Batman: Night of the Owls, DC reboot, (3/23/13) - This is terrifyingly huge. I shall comment on each issue:
ALL-STAR WESTERN 9: I don't know who anybody is, nor do I care, and I don't like westerns.
BATWING 9: David you looking fine.
BATGIRL 9: I am confused. Was this implying Mary was Ayumi? Does that make any sense?
BATMAN 8: Hey this was in the previous trade! Rip-off!
BATMAN AND ROBIN 9: Damian you need to stop killing people*. Wait, is it okay to kill people who have been brought back to life? In that case, why not kill Jason? Maybe Bruce really was trying to...
NIGHTWING 8: I really cannot bring myself to care about Dick's Talon destiny. I don't like Nightwing!
RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS 9: OMG I miss this art! Comparing it to all the other comics in this trade, the design is just so much more appealing to me - the panel layout, the use of negative space, the brighter coloring. Also, at least Jason realizes the similarity between himself and the Talons! I really like Jason moving towards killing deliberately and selectively - what I would really like to see is Jason as an "angel of death," delivering it with mercy and compassion, but there's no way that DC would not fuck that up, and also it's way darker than I want RHATO to go.
BATMAN 9-11 I guess?: Was this in the previous trade? Why have I read this? Am I just going crazy? Also, are these issues split up?
DETECTIVE COMICS 9: Possibly this would have made more sense if I knew what/who Black Mask was. I only know that Jason stole his Kryptonite.
BIRDS OF PREY 9: Is Katana's husband...her sword? This was pretty cool! It was the only issue that made me want to read more of that series.
NIGHTWING 9: Stiiiiill don't care. Possibly the dude taunting Dick about Bruce hurting him would be effective if I felt like Dick actually gave a crap about Bruce, or anyone but his circus peeps, but I don't!
BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT 9: I assume that is this issue, by process of elimination. Google confirms! Wow, I think I've overdosed on Talons. I now no longer care about them, the entire Court of Owls, or Batman! Tim, you look ridiculous hovering like that.
BATMAN ANNUAL 1: Wow, this was...really good. Creepy and effective! I love it when something doesn't make sense, and I'm about to write it off as "comics" and then it actually *didn't* make sense. And Dick and Damian working together! I wonder how much of this Tynion wrote? I wonder if he'd answer if I asked him.
CATWOMAN 9: Yeah, don't care about Talons. Or Catwoman. But I want to care about Catwoman!
THE ENDING STORIES ABOUT ALFRED'S FATHER FROM BATMAN: Oh I guess they did split these up. Maybe I'm not going crazy. Hmm wait were these written by Tynion? I am really curious about his writing chops okay! He's practically a baby and he's super adorable! I should read Talon but I have just overdosed on Talons.

*Well I guess you have now! Hahaha *cries a lot*

Phonogram: Rue Brittania [1], Image, 3/19/13 - I liked this a lot more than the second volume. I shouldn't listen to people on the internet!

Nightwing: Brothers in Blood [?], DC, 3/24/13 - Why.

Teen Titans Spotlight: Wonder Girl, DC, 3/28/13 - Okay, how old is Cassie supposed to be? Are they in college? Do any timelines make sense ever? ANYway yay teamups with Cissie and Anita! Yay Cassie! I really need to read more Young Justice.

Wolverine and the X-Men [1], Marvel, 3/30/13 - Whooo this was hard to read. The art certainly wasn't *bad*, but I could not tell what was going on for 90% of the first three issues. It was still super-cute, and I really need to figure out which books with X-Kids (who aren't dead) to read in hopes of loving them instead of DC teenagers.

Superman/Batman: Supergirl [?], DC, 4/6/13 - Why does EVERYTHING I READ turn into Jason feels?? This is about Kara coming to Earth, and then she gets kidnapped by Doomsday or whatever, and Clark is like "we need to go rescue her RIGHT NOW" and Diana and Bruce are like "well..." and Clark is like "If it were DONNA or JASON we wouldn't be having this conversation!" and Diana and Bruce are like "OH NO YOU DI'INT". I guess they were both dead at the time? Jason definitely hadn't come back yet, because then Bruce spends the next two issues angsting and being like "Clark doesn't know the things I'd endure to have Jason back." WELL IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU REMEMBERED THAT LATER, BRUCE.

Sometime in April or May, whoops:
more Teen Titans
Batwing 2
Saga 1

Okay I need to keep track of scans too.
Marvel Boy 1-6 - Yawn.
Red Robin 1-12 - I want to read more no matter how much I'll regret it. This half of it was really good.
Runaways vol 2 - WOW it was really jarring when Whedon took over, their voices were terrible at first. Also I hate time travel. Also, Gert :(
Strangers in Paradise vol 1 - okay
Rachel Rising vol 1 - Very intriguing!

I have read through issue # of title as of whenever I stopped reading:
3 Blue Beetle (Jaime)
40 Young Justice
1 Vengeance
0 Batwing
415 Batman w/bbJason (post-crisis)
3 Adventure Comics (Kon's return)
v3 8 Runaways
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