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Okay so I will finish the December meme SOON but I am going to vent about my life because maybe it will make me feel better?Read more... )
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December 18 definitely today - Favorite ship in any fandom? for [personal profile] meicdon13.

Sorry I'm late on this one - I've been busy and exceedingly stressed and also I forgot about it yesterday >.>

Are you sure you don't mean favorite ship in every fandom? XD Because how can I pick just one?! No, I'm going to have to go with all of them.

Saiyuki - Hakkai/Gojyo, forever OTP
CLAMP - way too many sob. Souma/Kendappa, Yuki/Touya, Kuro/Fai, Seishirou/Subaru, probably more
Marvel - Billy/Teddy, David/Tommy, Monet/Terry
MCU - Bruce/Tony/Pepper
DCU - Tim/Kon, Jason/Kori/Roy
Young Justice (cartoon) - Bart/Jaime

I can keep going...
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December 15 - One thing that you love about each of the Robins? for [personal profile] lurkingcat.

Oh man! What don't I love about the Robins? If I really have to pick only one thing (I can go on for paragraphs about each, believe me):

I love Dick Grayson's history. He created and defined Robin. He gave Batman a partner, a foil, a lover or brother or son or maybe all of the above depending on how you choose to interpret things today. He knew and was respected by most of the superhero community, and had an epic journey from Robin to Nightwing to his own Batman.

I love Jason Todd's passion. His anger for the criminals, and his care for their victims, was intense. His anger at Batman was more intense, and born out of the huge pile of unfair that was his life. (As much as the reboot screwed everyone else over, I'm happy that Jason is getting a chance to move on with his life.)

I love Tim Drake's dorkiness. He was just a weird lonely kid, kind of a stalker, and then he somehow landed his dream job. And he was still an earnest dork, who always tried to do the right thing and loved his friends, and then was finally getting back to that place towards the end.

I love Stephanie Brown's optimism. She made mistakes, she had terrible things happen, and she got back up and did better on the next try. She was determined to make it work, and she did it with a smile.

I love Damian Wayne's growth. He was raised to kill and to consider everyone else his inferior, and he started out by rejecting the first lesson. His partnership with Dick taught him friendship and empathy, and while I doubt he'd ever reach Dick Grayson levels of good, he was on his way to at least being a decent person. (The reboot Batman and Robin was also really good wrt character growth but I feel too betrayed to even think about it usually.)

I haven't read anything (except a reboot issue) with Carrie Kelly but I like her hair and glasses!

I've only read the first trade of reboot World's Finest, but I love Helena Wayne's determination to make it in the world she's ended up in. While Karen is determined to get back, Helena seems more accepting of how things are, and what she can do where she is.
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Topic open house for December!

Pick a date in December and give me a topic, and I'll say things about it. It can be anything you want; personal, fannish, work-related, political, favourite memories, travel, whatever.

I reserve the right to hand-wave at prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet.

So I've already missed a week of this but frankly I doubt I'm going to get any requests (almost tempted to post this on tumblr but I think that would defeat the purpose). I really need to get into a writing habit, so please request a thing! (And if anyone has one that they still want requests for, let me know~)

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I meant to start checking my flist more than once a month but that uh, has not happened. My tumblr is mostly full of comic book characters if anyone likes that sort of thing. But hi! I hope everyone is doing well! Things are mostly okay for me at the moment! How is everyone else?
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How *does* one find people to make friends with in real life?
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Dear Prime Time Player,

Thanks so much for writing me a thing! I'm sure I'll love whatever you write for me, but some things I especially like are friendships, plots, h/c with extra comfort, and happy endings. I'll read pretty much anything if it's written well, but generally for things written for me I don't want darkfic, or things that end unhappily, or my OTPs to be unrequited. Most of my thoughts on comic books are on my tumblr, though I'm not...sure how you can find anything specific.


Teen Titans (Comics)
Tim Drake, Kon-El
Coming into DC comics through Tim/Kon AFTER the reboot has been a source of much suffering in my life, but I think I've reached a state of zen acceptance. The pre-reboot universe is still ongoing in my mind, even if it's not being written about. I love Tim and Kon together in any way; though I ship them so hard I love their friendship the most, so just writing them as platonic friends is fine if you don't like the pairing. I'd love something set after the end of Teen Titans/Red Robin/Superboy, continuing the universe, or if you want to write something set in Young Justice or early Teen Titans-era that would be awesome. Basically, I will love anything with Tim and Kon in it. I also love pretty much all of the other Teen Titans, especially Bart and Cassie, so core four shenanigans would be extra awesome. I also like Tim/Kon/Cassie as a pairing, as long as it's essentially an equal triangle and not with some people more into one than the other.

Random things to spark ideas: the team working together, the core four working through their issues together, the Titans descending on Gotham with the blessing of Dick!Bats, Tim Drake-Wayne out on the town with who?, the return of Arrowette?, making out in the hayloft

I'm more familiar with the Batfamily than the Supers or any other part of the DC universe, but don't let that constrain you! I enjoy learning canon through fic, and I can use google.

X-Men: First Class (2011)
Armando Muñoz, Alex Summers

So I want Darwin fix-it! I prefer the kind where he returns somehow after Cuba, but an AU version of the movie where Darwin survives would be great too. I ship Darwin with Alex, and I would like to see more of their friendship at least, even if not as a pairing. Something dealing with Alex's guilt is fine, but I don't want just angst! I would love to see them going on a mission, or working to start the school. Throwing in other X-Men characters is great - I'm most familiar with the movies and the current run of X-Factor, but I have google!

Throwing in other pairings is fine, the only one I don't like is Hank/Alex. I like Cherik, but I don't want a fic about them - there are a lot already!

Young Justice (Cartoon)

Anything Kaldur-centric would be awesome! I don't particularly ship him with anyone, but I don't mind most pairings. (If you do want to write a ship, I like him with Roy, Garth and/or Tula, I crackship him with Dick, and I think future!fic with him and Artemis could be really interesting.)

Basically, Kaldur is my favorite. I love him so much, and I don't understand why everyone doesn't love him like I do. He's quiet, dignified, wise, calm, and a great leader as well as hot. And I'm sure he has a lot of angst from being deep undercover for so long - that has to wear at a person. I'd maybe like to see his thoughts while undercover and dealing with his father while knowing he was going to betray him in the end, or what specifically drove him to take on such a mission, or! I'd really like to see the new members of the team getting to know and love him after he's resumed leadership. But really. Anything you write starring Kaldur will make me ecstatic.

(This is now finished! I'm sorry if you saw it while it was still a placeholder!)
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Are any of y'all doing [community profile] not_primetime? Because it's got a few comics fandoms that are very tempting... I really really want Tim/Kon fic.

Fandoms of interest include: Saiyuki, Teen Titans and Batman comics, Ace Attorney, Hikago, World of Warcraft, several individual MCU movies, a lot of anime, and a lot of tv shows.
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What have I read this month? I actually finished a real book, instead of setting it down after 100 pages and wandering off to tumblr. Shut up, it's an accomplishment. (It was Life of Pi.)

I read Phonogram, Gillen and McKelvie's first(?) project together, and liked it more than I thought I was going to. I understood exactly none of the references, but the overarching metaphor was clear enough. I liked the first volume better than the second, at least in part because I like McKelvie's art a lot better in black and white. It does look "manga-like", and you can do a lot with screentone. I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they had that sort of deep relationship with music and...clubbing, I guess. I may write an actual review at some point.

Batwoman, Volume 2: Read more... )

Batman: Night of the Owls: was a terrifyingly huge trade. 15 issues! I'm just going to post the commentary I made on each issue.Read more... )

I also went to a screening of the documentary Wonder Women, which should air on PBS this month. It traced the history of Wonder Woman in the comics up through the 70s, then how her tv series and emergence into the popular consciousness inspired other warrior women, like Buffy and Sarah Connor. I found the whole thing really interesting, and well worth watching, though I would have liked more about Wonder Woman or other superheroines in modern comics.
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There are a lot of good reasons to complain about Red Hood and the Outlaws, but I am stating right here and now that I really enjoy it, and I liked Lobdell's entire run, especially this last issue. Oh how especially this last issue.

(I keep meaning to write up a lot of things, but I'm just sort of low on energy. What's up, everybody?)
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So I'm going to be mostly offline for a while! Though you may not notice, because I haven't been that active on here. Actually, it's possible I'll end up being more active, because it's easier to navigate lj/dw than tumblr on my phone. But probably not, because failure to cope Anyway.

What did I read in February? Mostly DC stuff, and I currently don't want to think about DC. It's hard having just gotten into a fandom that you suddenly hate, when a lot of other people were already hating it and you liked it anyway but now it would be weird to go join that side of fandom. Siiiigh I should just ignore canon like everyone else.
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A while back, I was desperately bored and wanted something id-ficcy to read. I didn't want fanfic. I was too broke for terrible m/m romance novels. I'd seen an original slash story called "Captive Prince" mentioned a few places, but I'd never read it because I don't like slavefic. Still, that night, I was desperate. I started reading.

I finally made myself stop at 3am. This was not just idfic. This was not just slavefic. This was a well-written, well-crafted fantasy novel, just as good or better than anything I'd pick up published. The gay romance was just a bonus - I was reading for the plot. I'd started right before she put up the end of book two, which was a very satisfying conclusion in itself. I'm eagerly awaiting the start of book three.

Right now, however, the author is publishing the first two books as both paperbacks and ebooks. (They're still available for free on her lj as well.) I'm definitely getting the ebooks, and I recommend that you give it a try if it seems appealing. I will provide spoilers/warnings if anyone needs them!
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Books? What are those? My reading consists entirely of superhero comics and fanfiction. (I am sadly not kidding.) Some highlights:

Batman, Incorporated and Batwing trades: Read more... )

A bunch of random Teen Titans volume 3 trades: The main thing I took away from this is that Gar and Vic should make out a lot. I assume they didn't have the sort of fanbase Tim/Kon did because they aren't as attractive. I'm sorry you're a furry, Gar. :/

But the final story arc of preboot Teen Titans bothered the hell out of me Image underneath! )
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Spoiler-free reactions to comics:

Young Avengers #1: ...underwhelming. Still optimistic.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #16: Yawn. Also, when I haven't read it in a while I tend to forget how I don't like his writing.

Nightwing #16: This was probably the most effective DOTF issue yet, in terms of Joker psychological torture.

When it comes to older comics, I'm always torn between reading things I already read fanfic about so I can write my own fanfic about them, things I want to read so I'll want to write fanfic about them after I read them maybe, and things that I might actually enjoy but that I might not want fanfic about. And I mean, the current fandom for the things I want to write about is not really...extant anymore. Maybe I should just read faster so I can read everything.
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On a more positive comics note, I feel like if I get any more excited over the upcoming Young Avengers series I might have a stroke. Seriously, I am so stoked. Every single thing that Gillen says only increases my anticipation. He's been doing a series of character profiles on his tumblr (Marvel Boy, Hawkeye, Miss America, Wiccan) and I can't wait until he does Teddy, my precious baby. I mean. I try not to sound creepy, but I basically am in regards to my love for the Young Avengers.

I still haven't come to terms with the missing original members, really, but I'm excited for the new ones as well. Mysterious Miss America seems really awesome, and she probably has a tragic past that will make me love her. I still haven't finished JIM, but kid Loki will undoubtedly be entertaining. I'm not sure about Noh Varr, but I'm sure I'll find something to like there. (I am referring to his abs.)
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I don't like superhero comics. I don't know why I'm in superhero comics fandom. I mean, I can trace all the steps along the way, but it just seems like escalating bad decisions. (Note: I will be using "comics" as shorthand for "mainstream US superhero comics".)Read more... )
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Bulletproof fictional kink right there. One character willing to let another kill them out of love = I'm swooning. Obviously this is not shippy, but familial love is even better oh my heart.

In other news, I'm writing a long entry on why I hate comic books. I'm sure this will win me lots of friends in my new fandom. >.>
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I'll signal boost this here too - today is the last day to get in on the ground floor of supporting The Posterchildren, a self-published YA novel about teenagers in a school for superheroes, with an emphasis on queer characters and characters of color. I really like the author's fanfic, and I have faith that her book won't just be an "issue" book, which I find incredibly boring, but will be really good.

The base funding goal has been met, so it's happening no matter what, but a donation now is like a pre-order. You'll be able to buy it after it comes out as well, of course. There's an excerpt linked on the project page, if you want to see if you're interested. (And yes, if you've read her fic, some of those characters are really familiar. That's totally okay with me!)