Feb. 14th, 2012

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So, in an effort to remind myself that comics are ugly and stupid and that reading them will only lead to heartbreak, I decided to read Young Avengers. I chose it because a) canon gay, b) lack of literal decades of bizarre continuity, and c) lack of fandom-inspired feels. Unfortunately, this plan maybe backfired and I want to read more of it. Well, hopefully the future terrible events that I understand occur will turn me off and I will be safe once more.

(Also, Iron Man repulsoring a teenager in midair was hilarious; way to be a dick, Tony!)

(Also also, reading the conceptual notes at the back: dude, in a genre that has like literally one gay character, you wanted to make another and then make him straight? For realsies? THANK YOU WHOEVER TOLD HIM THAT WAS A BAD IDEA.)
jet: Yuuko from Holic, in greyscale (Default)
So just now in my bio lab we were discussing sexual dimorphism, and as an example of such someone volunteered "number of ribs". Omg. At first I was like r u srs, but he obviously wasn't trying to make some creationist point, he'd just been told that it was actualfax true that men have one fewer rib than women. It was so sad. I weep for our future.


jet: Yuuko from Holic, in greyscale (Default)

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