Aug. 20th, 2012

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So because [personal profile] koumou is a terrible person she has been sending me Tim/Kon (Robin or Red Robin/Superboy) fics. I've been generally avoiding DC because I know people were rightly angry over the reboot and DC's general stance on making their comics appeal to a wider market (they are against it). And I still don't want to read any! Because after being shown things like this to document their 616!Steve/Tony level of canonness, and being forced to read over her shoulder as she shows me the pages where, after Kon's death, Tim destroys his cloning machine in a fit of rage over his failed attempts to clone Kon, and after being called out on his cloning attempts(!!) by Kon's girlfriend, starts crying, says "I miss him so much", and starts making out with Kon's girlfriend while they are both crying over their loss, I have to face the fact that in the reboot continuity, they essentially no longer have any sort of relationship. Basically, fuck you DC.

Also because koumou is a huge jerk she has infected me with Jason Todd feels. I don't want to care about any Robins, okay, or former Robins, or people who have never been Robin in the new universe (hahaha). They're just so... shiny.


At least with DC I feel 100% justified in not spending a penny on them.


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