Mar. 31st, 2013

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What have I read this month? I actually finished a real book, instead of setting it down after 100 pages and wandering off to tumblr. Shut up, it's an accomplishment. (It was Life of Pi.)

I read Phonogram, Gillen and McKelvie's first(?) project together, and liked it more than I thought I was going to. I understood exactly none of the references, but the overarching metaphor was clear enough. I liked the first volume better than the second, at least in part because I like McKelvie's art a lot better in black and white. It does look "manga-like", and you can do a lot with screentone. I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they had that sort of deep relationship with music and...clubbing, I guess. I may write an actual review at some point.

Batwoman, Volume 2: Read more... )

Batman: Night of the Owls: was a terrifyingly huge trade. 15 issues! I'm just going to post the commentary I made on each issue.Read more... )

I also went to a screening of the documentary Wonder Women, which should air on PBS this month. It traced the history of Wonder Woman in the comics up through the 70s, then how her tv series and emergence into the popular consciousness inspired other warrior women, like Buffy and Sarah Connor. I found the whole thing really interesting, and well worth watching, though I would have liked more about Wonder Woman or other superheroines in modern comics.


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