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So, in an effort to remind myself that comics are ugly and stupid and that reading them will only lead to heartbreak, I decided to read Young Avengers. I chose it because a) canon gay, b) lack of literal decades of bizarre continuity, and c) lack of fandom-inspired feels. Unfortunately, this plan maybe backfired and I want to read more of it. Well, hopefully the future terrible events that I understand occur will turn me off and I will be safe once more.

(Also, Iron Man repulsoring a teenager in midair was hilarious; way to be a dick, Tony!)

(Also also, reading the conceptual notes at the back: dude, in a genre that has like literally one gay character, you wanted to make another and then make him straight? For realsies? THANK YOU WHOEVER TOLD HIM THAT WAS A BAD IDEA.)
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omg I love Young Avengers. So much. I'm only a few volumes in but aaaah. I seriously need to catch up because shit is apparently going down in this most recent arc.
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Yeah I think I'm up to umm the Secret Invasion Runaways/YA crossover? Maybe after it? idk I can't even remember. haha whoops. I read comics really slowly, regardless, so Children's Crusade will definitely be over by the time I get to it. I did see one spoiler that may not even be a spoiler because you know how comics are with their cliffhangers and shit.
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It depends on the comic for me. A lot of manga didn't have a ton of text so I'd zip through it more quickly than I wanted, but at least western comics tend to be more text-heavy so it forces me to slow down. Plus I reread pages a lot just to full absorb things which slows me down more.

aha, make yourself only read one volume a day or something, that's normally what I do when I get comics from the library. The internet most definitely is convenient though, I download comics all the time juuuust in case I ever want to read them at some point. My poor hard drive.
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haha I do find myself doing that sometimes, especially if there's just text boxes over a big landscape picture or something, I'm like "fuck this open field, why aren't there images of cool things on the page."

ahhh, I see. xD luckily (unluckily?) I am pretty much the opposite so it takes me forever to read things. "one chapter a day with thirty chapters month to read this book oh well."

I'm pretty sure Civil War is the first thing I downloaded when I started getting into the habit of downloading comics. I've got a shit ton of Iron Man stuff too that I haven't read yet either.