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jet ([personal profile] jet) wrote2012-02-14 10:11 am

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So, in an effort to remind myself that comics are ugly and stupid and that reading them will only lead to heartbreak, I decided to read Young Avengers. I chose it because a) canon gay, b) lack of literal decades of bizarre continuity, and c) lack of fandom-inspired feels. Unfortunately, this plan maybe backfired and I want to read more of it. Well, hopefully the future terrible events that I understand occur will turn me off and I will be safe once more.

(Also, Iron Man repulsoring a teenager in midair was hilarious; way to be a dick, Tony!)

(Also also, reading the conceptual notes at the back: dude, in a genre that has like literally one gay character, you wanted to make another and then make him straight? For realsies? THANK YOU WHOEVER TOLD HIM THAT WAS A BAD IDEA.)

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