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For My Own Reference: Comics I have read

With brief ridiculous commentary, unlikely to be amusing to anyone but me.

[] = scans
undated = read before the end of September
DC preboot
A Death in the Family - all my creys AVENGE HIM BRUCE also TIMMY why are you such an adorable stalker??
Under the Hood 1,2 - what wow cold Bruce COLD
[The Lost Days] - JAAAAASON

Batman & Robin 1,2,3 - eww gross what is going on jason take that thing off your head right now WHY IS IT OKAY TO USE THE LAZARUS PITS NOW KATE ARE YOU OKAY this is like a bad trip!

B&R Dark Knight vs White Knight (11/6/12) - the first arc I was like "really? REALLY?" but it turned out not really so that was good. The Jason arc was interesting - Jason is never written consistently but I liked this one except for the red hair. Also, I wish Scarlet ever showed up in fic. I know it doesn't make sense for him to have her in the first place, but I would like to see it.
[26] (11/6/12) - what the fuck even. Was this meant to be the start of something or was someone just expressing their angst over the reboot? I see why it is not in the trades.

Streets of Gotham: Hush Money (11/3/12) - Looks interesting. I feel like letting an evil dude run around as Bruce Wayne is a bad idea even if you have the Justice League follow him around.
Streets of Gotham: Leviathan (11/9/12) - Ah, here we go. Wow, Damian showing an emotion that isn't rage or contempt? (Vomiting is totally an emotion.) Aww bb Colin and his Captain Marvel pictures! Damian and Colin, bffs 4 lyfe (I hope.)

Batgirl: Death Wish - I probably should have read about Cass's backstory first what is going on also this is ugly

Batgirl Rising - STEPH YOU ARE LIKE A RAY OF SUNSHINE lol Damian lol
Batgirl The Flood (9/30/12) - STEPH YOU CONTINUE TO BRIGHTEN MY LIFE team-up with Kara!
Batgirl The Lesson (10/16/12) - awww teaching Damian how to be a real boy. THIS SERIES WAS REALLY GREAT also that one fic makes a lot more sense now

Batman and Son - WOW DAMIAN why is there text in here this is like those doujin that turn out to be novels WOW BRUCE hey there is a lady named Jet!
The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul (10/1/12) - sigh damian... wow tim's not allowed to resurrect his loved ones but it will be totally okay for you to dunk bruce later seriously dick??
Batman RIP (10/1/12) - of course batman has an emergency backup personality WHY WOULDN'T HE

Batwoman: Elegy - GORGEOUS

Robin: Flying Solo (10/13/12) - Ways you can tell I am not a teenage boy: I find cars boring as shit. Actually I pretty much found everything that wasn't Tim interacting with Steph or Helena boring as shit.
Robin: A Hero Reborn (10/26/12) - OKAY THIS ONE WAS MUCH BETTER but the introduction gave me Jason feels why didn't they love him!!! Uhh anyway wow they fridged his mom even before he became Robin that's impressive. Communing with Jason's case = A+. Hallucinating Dick and Jason = A++. Haring off with Lady Shiva and really obviously going to be dead soon guy = eh. Apparently I only care about Tim interacting with bats (and other heroes.)

Teen Titans: A Kid's Game (10/27/12) - Awww babies. What the hell happened at the end of Young Justice? Maybe I that. Why can't I have an eidetic memory and the ability to read an entire library in 20 minutes?

Teen Titans: Life and Death (12/31/12) - Kon :(

Supergirl: Power (11/19/12) - I grabbed this was there. Cute and ridiculous! I guess the rule that heroes have to fight when they meet extends to DC as well. EVERYONE HAS A CRUSH ON DICK. I am not going to decode your stupid Kryptonian, authors.

52 1,2,3,4 (12/26/12) - oh my god a lot of this was boring. I was mostly reading for Kate and Renee, and ended up completely skipping the Marvel stuff, the outer space stuff, and the Ralph Dibney stuff past his dealings with Cassie. I think I am not a proper comic fan.

Countdown to Final Crisis 1,2,3,4 (12/31/12) - goddamn this was terrible. I even hated Jason. The fake Amazonian lesbian bathhouse was amusing until it grew a plot. Bart's funeral :(((

Battle for the Cowl (12/31/12) - what. the shit. was this.

New 52

Teen Titans: It's Our Right to Fight (10/6/12) - Thiiiis could have been worse? Miguel meeting Tim = BEST.

Batman and Robin: Born to Kill (10/29/12) - Okay, the end did make this worth reading, but I don't like Damian, especially when he's not interacting with Dick or Steph. I also don't like Bruce. Their relationship does need to be explored but eeeeh. TBH I will probably read more just to see Damian dropping on Jason from the ceiling like a tiny jackass ninja.

Nightwing: Traps and Trapezes (11/20/12) - Decent! Do I need to read the Court of Owls thing? Do I really care? Hint: no. BRUCE YOU CANNOT JUST PUNCH DICK IN THE FACE EVEN IF HE IS BEING OVERDRAMATIC. Also okay so apparently Batman & Robin did happen so does he ever interact with Damian other than that one random Robin team-up? Do they not care about each other sob?

Red Hood and the Outlaws: Redemption (12/1/12) - They put issue 6 first in the trade, which was a good idea. (I did have to stop reading to rant on tumblr about the probability of surviving that underwater explosion, though.) Rocafort's art is gorgeous, and I miss it. I also now completely interpret the panel of Roy wanting to talk about "the gorilla in the room" as "the threesome we had last night" and I wish it would go back to making that OT3 easy to view as canon.

Young Justice v2 I guess? not the 90s one: vol 1 (11/3/12) - Yeah this was pretty boring. Kaldur, why does your team not love you like I do? M'gann creeping on Conner and Wally hitting on M'gann were both even more creepy than in the show, wow.


Young Avengers - !!!

Disassembled - :(( Wanda :(((
House of M - :((((
New Avengers: The Reunion - Clint is kind of a jerk BOBBI IS AWESOME
"" Search For The Sorcerer Supreme - Billy do you actually wear that scarf in public

Iron Man:
Extremis - note to self: is there more of this?
Demon in a Bottle: the highlight of this is NAMOR

Captain America (Brubaker) 1- the second part of this arc is missing and the library does not have as of 8-2012 and I am too lazy to read scans :/

JiM Fear Itself/Fear Itself Fallout - read up on backstory then try again (request Exiled if not in cat by time you try again!)

Runaways v1 1,2,3 (10/26/12) - I remember being REALLY MAD the first time I read this but I knew it was coming this time it's cool bro! Also I recognize the Marvel characters, that's exciting.
Runaways V2 (1-12) (10/28/12) - This is very cute. Not enough gay, needs more Karolina. Victor and Billy should bond over being Avenger fanboys related to Ultron. Peter = best except for Molly punching Wolverine = bester.

Avengers Academy: Second Semester (21-28) (11/5/12) - I figured I'd have no idea what was going on, but this worked fine as a starting point. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed this. Teenage supers are my weakness.

Astonishing X-Men: Northstar (12/3/12) - This had from the start of Liu's run to the wedding issue, the Nation X issue where they go on a date, and Northstar's coming out issue from Alpha Flight, which was really unexpectedly depressing wow. I wasn't aware of the AIDS epidemic at the time, so it's just mind-boggling to me whenever I hear of how it was officially ignored. The issue was a pretty heavy-handed PSA but I guess that was appropriate.

Neither of the Above

Stormwatch: Force of Nature (10/5/12) - lol did Ellis really come on and get rid of half the characters? niiice
Stormwatch: Lightning Strikes (10/7/12) - Cool issues with Jack Hawksmoor and Jenny and other peeps I guess whatevs they aren't in the Authority.
Stormwatch: A Finer World (11/6/12) - Heeeeey it's Midnighter and Apollo. Do they show up any more in Stormwatch? I would look it up if I cared, but it seems likely they stay retired until the Authority. Waaaaas Apollo sleeping with that spiky green dude back in the day?