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Lists Make an Entry

Life continues to be depressing. I continue to read comic books, which are ALSO depressing. I also forgot how much I hated following things that came out monthly.

Well, whatever. In an effort to be upbeat:

Things I Am Excited About
+ Ants of Heaven! I am DYING waiting for this to be translated, I need all the Tenpou & Kenren right now.
+ Wild Adapter is returning soon!
+ YOUNG AVENGERS IN JANUARY! To Do: Catch up on/finish Journey into Mystery, read Vengeance, probably just read Noh-Varr's wikipedia page.

Not being upbeat:
Things I Am Sad About:
- I hate reading scans a lot. I really should find a comic viewer with a better magnify option - Comix is great on my netbook, but I would much rather read on my Windows desktop with a screen that is 13" larger.
- Comics take way too long to read. I could read an entire volume of manga in 30 minutes, but comics have like, walls of text in every tiny bubble. It's harder to read, too.
- Pretty sure I will never forgive my sister for getting me into DC. My only consolation is that she also suffers.

I am also now trying this thing where I interact with people and leave comments sometimes? It's kind of terrifying but I'll keep at it!

And finally, I wrote a crack ficlet after seeing like 5 posts in the Young Avengers tag going "omg Teddy cheated on Billy?!" so I am posting it here for archival purposes.

Teddy silently closed the door behind him, careful not to wake up his sleeping boyfr- Billy, who was standing right in front of him, glaring intensely.

“Teddy,” he said, and the word promised certain doom, “what is this?” He held up a large piece of spandex, obviously a piece of a costume.

Oh, shit. “Um,” he tried, “Tommy must have left it here?”

“Theodore Altman,” Billy’s voice was rising with every word, “*are you lying to me*?”

Teddy winced. “Look, I can explain-“

Billy was practically shrieking. “*Have you been seeing another superhero team*?”


“Who were they? Was it Avengers Academy? The Runaways? The X-Men? Was it *Northstar*?”

“Billy, I’m not even a mutant-“

“Someone in town? The Avengers? The *New* Avengers? X-Factor Investigations?” His eyes went wide. “Oh my god, have you been seeing *Shatterstar*?” His eyes started to fill with tears. “How *could* you?”

“Billy! It’s not like that-“

Billy turned away from him, sobbing, and ran from the room. “I HATE YOU, TEDDY. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” The door slammed behind him, and then a few seconds later, opened and slammed again, more loudly.

Teddy put his face in his palm.
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[personal profile] admiral 2012-10-14 06:59 am (UTC)(link)
I've only ever used ComicRack for reading scans so I don't know how it compares, but it works pretty well for me if you want to check it out?

omg I actually laughed out loud at that drabble help me

also you ship Tim/Kon right I vaguely remember discussing this before BUT I just found a porn-y fanart comic someone's doing based on a fic or something and it's so good I had to share it with someone.
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haha I've done like, zero poking around with it, I just open the file, use my keyboard to scroll up and done, and bam, done.

lmao what were they even misreading to get to the conclusion that Teddy was cheating on Billy?

yesss I love how that artist draws the two of them. just lovely.
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kdfjkdfg that's pretty much the best. I seriously need to catch up with Young Avengers, I still haven't read Children's Crusade or possibly whatever was before that. /slowpoke
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yeah I'll have to sort through my stuff and see what's left. I think I'm kind of spoiled on CC but not entirely?? so I should probably get around to reading it soon ha. I've been terrible at actually reading comics these days. :c stupid school taking all my free time.