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Random Reactions

Comics from the past two weeks:

X-Factor 246: It's going to take more than that to make me like Pip. I guess I don't want him dead, but... nah, actually, let him be dead.

Action Comics 14: I didn't actually read this, just the bit with the Neil Degrasse Tyson appearance. I thought it was pretty cool.

Batman and Robin 14: I haven't been following this so I have no idea what went on, but I just looked at it for the hug panel. D'aww. Also, the panel that went (slightly paraphrased):
Bruce: Why do you think I keep Jason's case here?
Damian: To honor him?
Bruce: NO. It is to remind me of my manpain.
Sigh, Bruce.

Batman 14: Alfred! D: Well, that had damn well better bring the Batfamily together. I want them together right now. ::grabby hands::

Avengers Assemble 9: You know those movieverse fics where they just all hang out in Stark Tower and banter? That is literally this issue, except with Carol and Jessica Drew, which pretty much makes it 500% more awesome.

Also...if I were to start, um, sharing some weekly comics here, would anyone be interested? I already share with others, so I might as well put them here too. I'll put up a locked poll on dreamwidth since I guess I'll filter that. If I haven't granted anyone access who wants it, just give a yell.
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Bruce: NO. It is to remind me of my manpain.

UGH THIS. I haven't really caught up with comics yet but I saw the hugging panel and went, "Bruce ilu but everything isn't about yoooou." Though someone on Tumblr told me that while Bruce does have an entire floor in the cave dedicated to Jason's memory, the case has always been about his manpain. Which I still can't really accept? Can't it be there for both reasons?