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jet ([personal profile] jet) wrote2012-11-18 07:36 pm

Teen Titans (reboot)

I finally caught up on reboot Teen Titans and oh god, it's just...such a mess. A lot of fans seem to have a hate-on for Lobdell, but I'm just disappointed. I like Red Hood and the Outlaws because it's fun snappy adventure that isn't trying to grow a character arc (as far as I can tell), but this isn't fun, it's just poorly written. I don't have particular feelings on the new versions of characters as compared to the old because I still haven't read that much, but I don't like these characters very much.

I admit I'm kind of butthurt over Tim's completely different backstory - him being a tiny little stalker with a crush on Dick was charming, and what sold me on the character. I don't like Bart or Solstice at all, I'm indifferent to Tim and Kon and I want to like Cassie but making her an antiquities looter hurts me in my archaeology-loving soul.

The one character I love unreservedly is Bunker. I want to draw sparkly hearts around him and hug him to my bosom. I also read the issues of Superboy he's in and I ship it hard I LOVE their friendship. Miguel is the heart of that team, and supposedly his boyfriend will be showing up in the future, which is exciting. I'm looking forward to the Death of the Family crossover (Tim and Jason as friends YES PLEASE) and then I'll just...skim for Bunker, I guess.

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