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Unnecessary Post

If you missed it, you can opt into my comic uploads filter here. If you can't see that post, don't hesitate to ask for access.

I made a new tumblr friend who also has the theory, which I considered briefly after reading the 0 issues, that Lobdell intends to make Tim related to Jason in the reboot. I dismissed this on account of Do Not Want but since other people think it... if this ever turns out to be true I just want to be able to say I called it before I then begin shrieking about it.
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Tim being related to Jason??? Not sure if want.
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I'm more of a Jason/Damian shipper myself, but I have to admit I feel really warm and fuzzy inside when I see the Batkids (sort of) getting along with one another.

Let's just wait and see I guess *rubs chin thoughtfully*