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Nashville; Northstar

I caught up with this week's Nashville, and everything was so green! (Except for the one scene where it was randomly fall.) I hate winter. I still don't really have many thoughts on the show except: Juliette! Woobie. I have moved from just watching the scenery to genuinely caring about characters...well, one character.

Also this week I read the Astonishing X-Men: Northstar trade, the one with the gay wedding. It contains the issues from the start of Liu's run to the wedding, which is like...4 issues, and sadly did not label the characters for me. I really, really, appreciate when comics do that. Also, I still can't tell which one is Iceman when he's not coated in ice. It also has the Nation X issue where Northstar and Kyle go on a date, which only reinforces my opinion that supers should date within the community (though Northstar and Kyle are really cute together), and the issue of Alpha Flight where Northstar first came out, which is essentially a PSA for AIDS awareness. It was a really sad issue both in terms of the plot (dying baby!) and the historical context it was published in. (Yes, I just called 1992 historical.)

Also, apparently Scott Lobdell continues today to write the same way he did 20 years ago.
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That episode was insanely green, wasn't it? Heh. And of course the pilot was surreal given that in many of the establishing shots, redbuds were blooming in what was ostensibly September.

Juliette is pretty much the only one I give a damn about too. Sigh.
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I guess it might not have been meant to be September--maybe they're just six months behind. (If we're going by the political storyline, the show ought to have started in January or so, but they probably have no idea Metro elections are in August...)