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Right, so I should introduce myself to newly friended people! My name is Jessica, I go by Jet online, I turn 28 in a few days, and I am an unemployed loser who lives with her parents, which I don't want to discuss unless you can get me a job. I live in the Nashville area, and I have depression and anxiety issues. Okay that is all.

In more interesting news:

- Someone on tumblr has put up a translation of the first chapter of Ants of Heaven, which I only glanced at because I am not at my own computer to look at the scans with it, but yay!

- Every time I start thinking of maybe giving DC some of my money (when I get some), they do something that reminds me why I don't. Thanks for reminding me that you don't actually want my money, DC!

- I intensely dislike creators being on tumblr and I feel like everything is going to end in disaster, "everything" being the intersection of Gillen's trolling and the young and intense Young Avengers fandom. Didn't Teen Wolf fans drive someone off the internet or something? I don't know, I just predict doom.
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uwaaaaa thanks for the Ants in Heaven link! I'll definitely have to check that out this weekend. Maybe I can try my hand at scanlating it if I can find RAWs *rubs chin thoughtfully*
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I think I might have a copy, but I'll have to check first. I'll tell you if I don't :)
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we are livin' interesting times, that's for sure. I've seen way worse trolls than Gillen though.
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Oh, I don't really have any specific amusing stories. But I've seen media creators crash and burn on internet discussions (or just having a merry ol' time dissing the audience in a haughty way) in many ways since the mid '90's... and overall Kieron Gillen - at least judging by his tumblr and blog - strikes me as a very good internet communicator. He's warm and fun without messing with the issues of boundaries (as you just highlighted). I think he trolls more with his stories than with his internet posting actually (which is another matter altogether). There's always the pitfall of telling too much - and too early - about the stories from your own point of view as a creator, and thus risking to tell your audience that they are interrogating the text from the wrong perspective (well you might count that as an amusing story) but even if I think he was wrong to say that JiM ended the way it did because he wanted to break his toy before someone else came along and wasted them in his stead, he was quick to point out that his was only one perspective on the story.

Though, yeah, any creator with the sort of internet presence, cult following, and charisma that he does risks setting himself as the new Joss Whedon or Gail Simone in term of cycling through "best thing ever"/"sooooo overrated" but, heh, there are worst things to be.

Anyway Gillen has a big advantage over most media creators with a big internet presence : he started as a review blogger & journalist; so he knows the territory pretty well.
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I think I'm just very blasée about the existence of wanks nowadays. It's a thing that will happen, heh, whatever.

But I see your point about the contract with animanga fandoms. LOl very different culture.

There are some books creators with lots of wank though! I think the most arrogant and contemptuous of fans creators I've seen were in SFF fandoms. RS Bakker in particular managed to very much put me off his books because of what an utter twit he was in interviews & interactions with fans.