jet: Yuuko from Holic, in greyscale (tenken cigarette)
jet ([personal profile] jet) wrote2012-12-10 06:20 pm


Right, so I should introduce myself to newly friended people! My name is Jessica, I go by Jet online, I turn 28 in a few days, and I am an unemployed loser who lives with her parents, which I don't want to discuss unless you can get me a job. I live in the Nashville area, and I have depression and anxiety issues. Okay that is all.

In more interesting news:

- Someone on tumblr has put up a translation of the first chapter of Ants of Heaven, which I only glanced at because I am not at my own computer to look at the scans with it, but yay!

- Every time I start thinking of maybe giving DC some of my money (when I get some), they do something that reminds me why I don't. Thanks for reminding me that you don't actually want my money, DC!

- I intensely dislike creators being on tumblr and I feel like everything is going to end in disaster, "everything" being the intersection of Gillen's trolling and the young and intense Young Avengers fandom. Didn't Teen Wolf fans drive someone off the internet or something? I don't know, I just predict doom.

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