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So I feel like I'm kind of screwed forever.

My dad is planning to sell his house and move to Florida. My mom is out of a job. *I* am out of a job, and basically unhireable. This is just to break everything down:

- I don't know how to get a job. I have an extremely sketchy work history, and I've failed at everything else I've tried. Most places I apply to I never hear back from. I have no qualifications for anything professional, no idea how to get them, and no idea what makes someone hireable for basic service industry positions, either. (Except being an extrovert, which I am not.) I don't know how to spin my lack of job history into something sympathetic, fail at coming up with a response to interview questions, and generally feel so worthless when applying at places that I'm sure they can tell that too.

- I'm assuming I'm not invited to Florida. Even if I was, I probably could not go, because there is no one else to look after my mother.

- My mother is depressed, and her health is failing. She doesn't take care of herself, and she exacerbates her diabetes by spending most of the week at her boyfriend's place. He has no fridge, and refuses to eat vegetables. She pretty much spends the whole time there eating Hostess snack cakes, from what she has told me. She's also had a few mini-strokes, and a heart attack. She gets confused frequently, and I think her vision is getting worse.

- She quit her job when they cut her hours. I understand the impulse, but she apparently thought she could get a new job immediately. (I guess she's missed the past six years.) Now she won't look for a job unless I basically stand over her, and I *can't* anymore, because my mental health took a steep dive a couple months ago and I'm having about as many bad days as good.

- I have literally no money, and no way of getting any. I am and always have been extremely socially isolated. I have a gaming group right now that I see as my main social interaction, but I'm dependent on my father for gas money. I'm spiraling down into depression. I have no idea what to do.

Well, laying all that out did not make me feel better in the slightest.
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I'm sorry to hear things are going so badly for you. I wish I could at least give you advice for job-hunting, but my own was pretty much trial and error. I've heard, though, that county unemployment offices will walk you thought the basics of getting training, interviewing, resume-spiffing-up, etc., including for service jobs and the like. Worth a try?

(Apologies if that is unhelpful. You have my sympathies either way.)
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The last time I tried metro, a couple of years ago, they basically said "here is our computer and here is how you apply to jobs online" which was...not helpful.

That is indeed unhelpful. Boo. Did you try Sumner County (assuming they have an office like this)? It may be that smaller offices can give you more individualized assistance.

Taking in some scenery would be nice! I'm always up for wandering around parks and such, though perhaps we should wait a month or so, until it warms up a bit?