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So, r-list,

How do you decide if a fic's worth archiving on AO3?

ETA: And if you do a bunch of ficlets from prompts, do you archive them together or separately?
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I have yet to put anything up on AO3, mostly because I feel like my work is not worthy orz

I'd archive the ficlets together, maybe a chapter = a ficlet
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I still use roflmao

Hmm ... I'd group all the same fandoms together and then post them as a story, with a ficlet per "chapter." Like, if you've got 10 ficlets, 5 each for 2 fandoms — then that's 2 fanfics with 5 chapters each.
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Hmmm ... I'd still go ahead and post it, even if it's only one ficlet. Then if you have another ficlet in the same fandom, just update the story with a new chapter.
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if I'm pretty proud of what I wrote, I'll probably put it on ao3. :3 I don't put everything I write there, though. and I agree with [personal profile] meicdon13, I would put ficlets in one story with each ficlet as a separate chapter.
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honestly, there's a lot of stuff on ao3 that I think is better than mine, but I still post my stuff! i think everything has an audience. the front page of ao3 says all fans and fanworks are welcome, and while some people try and make it that ao3 is an archive for "better quality" fics, i think every story has a place there.

hmm, if the fics are in different fandoms, I would make a separate story for every fandom and post them like that. so if i had 5 avengers ficlets I would post them in one story with separate chapters, but only 1 merlin ficlet i would wait until i had one or two more to post those in a separate story.
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I post most everything on AO3. I don't have a threshold of good/bad for it, beause I feel like every story has some audience. :)

For prompt ficlets, I have a general "story" for MCU ficlets, and each ficlet is a different chapter. But I don't add non-MCU ficlets (except crossovers), I just wait until I've collected two or three and make a new "story."