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My thoughts on my fic apparently

My fannishness would be much less conflicted if I had stuck to my decision about never reading DC. And then stuck to my decision about not following the reboot stuff. Sigh.

I gave in and archived pretty much all of my tumblr fic on AO3. Things I haven't posted here:

A bit of Tim/Kon fluff that I wrote as a present. I feel bad about writing Tim/Kon because I haven't read much of anything with them from before Kon's return, so my characterization is mostly fanon. Well, a lot of my comics characterizations are fanon because I can only read so many issues per day, but I actually want to form my own opinion here because this is an OTP.

Sort-of Alex/Darwin drabble (NSFW). I'd been trying to make my friend watch XMFC since...well, since it came out, because that was when I cared, but she finally actually watched it the other day. I figured she'd go for the Cherik like everyone else in the entire world but she has been ranting about the ACTUAL doomed romance of Alex/Darwin which is great but it's giving me feels again.

Two reboot Batfam drabbles. The first one was a reaction to Tim's new backstory, because I am pretty much always and forever mad about reboot Tim killing tiny stalker Tim. The second is about Jason's time as Robin. I told the person I wrote it for that I felt like I made Bruce too nice, but he would HAVE to be nice for them to have any sort of emotional connection there, what with four Robins in five years. I mean, Tim's relationship with Bruce is completely shafted/makes no sense now (is he still Tim Drake Wayne? His parents are still alive!) but Dick's and Jason's are treated as the same, despite that making no sense...

Several Young Avengers ficlets. I apparently have feelings on queer visibility in media, and also all the boys. No one requested the girls, sadly. I have feelings on them, too. Not really on the Vision though.

(I already have feelings on America Chavez too, and they are mostly INCREDIBLE EXCITEMENT. I cannot WAIT for the new series!)

ETA: Oh and also, I would just like to leave this cover of an upcoming Teen Titans issue here completely without commentary
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Reminds me of that one Superman/Batman issue with tentacles :))
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Can't really remember what issue, but there was some sort of alien that was pretty much a tentacle monster involved.

The entire story where this comes from is hilarious XD