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jet ([personal profile] jet) wrote2013-01-16 09:27 am

The Posterchildren

I'll signal boost this here too - today is the last day to get in on the ground floor of supporting The Posterchildren, a self-published YA novel about teenagers in a school for superheroes, with an emphasis on queer characters and characters of color. I really like the author's fanfic, and I have faith that her book won't just be an "issue" book, which I find incredibly boring, but will be really good.

The base funding goal has been met, so it's happening no matter what, but a donation now is like a pre-order. You'll be able to buy it after it comes out as well, of course. There's an excerpt linked on the project page, if you want to see if you're interested. (And yes, if you've read her fic, some of those characters are really familiar. That's totally okay with me!)
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I just backed The Posterchildren yesterday! It looks like it's going to be really good.