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Three More Days

On a more positive comics note, I feel like if I get any more excited over the upcoming Young Avengers series I might have a stroke. Seriously, I am so stoked. Every single thing that Gillen says only increases my anticipation. He's been doing a series of character profiles on his tumblr (Marvel Boy, Hawkeye, Miss America, Wiccan) and I can't wait until he does Teddy, my precious baby. I mean. I try not to sound creepy, but I basically am in regards to my love for the Young Avengers.

I still haven't come to terms with the missing original members, really, but I'm excited for the new ones as well. Mysterious Miss America seems really awesome, and she probably has a tragic past that will make me love her. I still haven't finished JIM, but kid Loki will undoubtedly be entertaining. I'm not sure about Noh Varr, but I'm sure I'll find something to like there. (I am referring to his abs.)
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I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT YA!!! I can't wait until Wednesday.