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jet ([personal profile] jet) wrote2013-01-23 01:54 pm

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Spoiler-free reactions to comics:

Young Avengers #1: ...underwhelming. Still optimistic.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #16: Yawn. Also, when I haven't read it in a while I tend to forget how I don't like his writing.

Nightwing #16: This was probably the most effective DOTF issue yet, in terms of Joker psychological torture.

When it comes to older comics, I'm always torn between reading things I already read fanfic about so I can write my own fanfic about them, things I want to read so I'll want to write fanfic about them after I read them maybe, and things that I might actually enjoy but that I might not want fanfic about. And I mean, the current fandom for the things I want to write about is not really...extant anymore. Maybe I should just read faster so I can read everything.

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