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January Reading Thoughts

Books? What are those? My reading consists entirely of superhero comics and fanfiction. (I am sadly not kidding.) Some highlights:

Batman, Incorporated and Batwing trades: In theory, I really like the concept of a sort of meta-textual exploration of the Batman mythos and its influence around the world. In practice, Batman Inc is largely uninteresting to me*, and whenever I read something by Morrison for a sustained amount of time I start to feel like I'm tripping. Batwing did a much better job of exploring the Batman mythos because it wasn't trying to. I also really liked David, and I definitely want to read more of this. I also want him to yell at Batman for using child soldiers! I guess they aren't children anymore in the reboot, and Damian is a special enough case to make an exception. Still, David commenting on the "A Good Soldier" plaque would make my life.

*That is a lie, it became interesting to me the moment Jason showed up. I am still confused as hell as to how everything is still canon in the reboot though.

A bunch of random Teen Titans volume 3 trades: The main thing I took away from this is that Gar and Vic should make out a lot. I assume they didn't have the sort of fanbase Tim/Kon did because they aren't as attractive. I'm sorry you're a furry, Gar. :/

But the final story arc of preboot Teen Titans bothered the hell out of me because, uh, guys? Why is it okay to kill those clones? There was nothing to suggest that they weren't their own persons! What's happening here is that Superboy Prime came back again to mess with Kon, and he somehow made three more clones of Kon which he leads to fight the Teen Titans. The Teen Titans then stake the clones through the chest with Kryptonite, as one...does.

Kon: Look at him, Tim. Looks just like I did.
Tim: They’re not you, Conner.
Kon: Aren’t they? Didn’t I start out the same way? A blank slate?
Tim: It’s not who you were, it’s who you are. You have a life, and friends, and family.
Kon: Good point. I have a lot.

Look, I realize that not everybody spent their teenage years reading five tons of science fiction and contemplating the idea of "personhood" outside of the human species. I'm aware that my basic knowledge of scientific concepts such as "cloning" and "energy" put me at a disadvantage when reading comic books. And I realize that not everyone wants to deal with weighty moral issues in their comic books. But in that case, don't bring it up! Oh my god! I really wanted to bask in the "awww"-ness of "Titans Together" as the ending and be so happy that the team was doing well, but I kept coming back to the fact that they murdered people! People who could be Kon! Also, if you're willing to murder brainwashed clones, why not take out Superboy Prime once and for all! Why would you do this, JT Krul?

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