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So I'm going to be mostly offline for a while! Though you may not notice, because I haven't been that active on here. Actually, it's possible I'll end up being more active, because it's easier to navigate lj/dw than tumblr on my phone. But probably not, because failure to cope Anyway.

What did I read in February? Mostly DC stuff, and I currently don't want to think about DC. It's hard having just gotten into a fandom that you suddenly hate, when a lot of other people were already hating it and you liked it anyway but now it would be weird to go join that side of fandom. Siiiigh I should just ignore canon like everyone else.
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I currently don't want to think about DC

Same x___x I mean, because of all the different writers, you technically have so much canon to pick and choose from, but then they pull something like this. Ugh.