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End of March roundup

What have I read this month? I actually finished a real book, instead of setting it down after 100 pages and wandering off to tumblr. Shut up, it's an accomplishment. (It was Life of Pi.)

I read Phonogram, Gillen and McKelvie's first(?) project together, and liked it more than I thought I was going to. I understood exactly none of the references, but the overarching metaphor was clear enough. I liked the first volume better than the second, at least in part because I like McKelvie's art a lot better in black and white. It does look "manga-like", and you can do a lot with screentone. I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they had that sort of deep relationship with music and...clubbing, I guess. I may write an actual review at some point.

Batwoman, Volume 2: Not as good without the extra-gorgeous art! I still liked it, but I noticed that it was pretty cliched instead of being distracted by the pretty. I really want to see Bette in action, but she spent this entire arc in a coma. Annoying!

Batman: Night of the Owls: was a terrifyingly huge trade. 15 issues! I'm just going to post the commentary I made on each issue.

ALL-STAR WESTERN 9: I don't know who anybody is, nor do I care, and I don't like westerns.

BATWING 9: David you looking fine.

BATGIRL 9: I am confused. Was this implying Mary was Ayumi? Does that make any sense?

BATMAN 8: Hey this was in the previous trade! Rip-off!

BATMAN AND ROBIN 9: Damian you need to stop killing people*. Wait, is it okay to kill people who have been brought back to life? In that case, why not kill Jason?

NIGHTWING 8: I really cannot bring myself to care about Dick's Talon destiny. I don't like Nightwing!

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS 9: OMG I miss this art! Comparing it to all the other comics in this trade, the design is just so much more appealing to me - the panel layout, the use of negative space, the brighter coloring. Also, at least Jason realizes the similarity between himself and the Talons! I really like Jason moving towards killing deliberately and selectively - what I would really like to see is Jason as an "angel of death," delivering it with mercy and compassion, but there's no way that DC would not fuck that up, and also it's way darker than I want RHATO to go.

BATMAN 9-11 I guess?: Was this in the previous trade? Why have I read this? Am I just going crazy? Also, are these issues split up?

DETECTIVE COMICS 9: Possibly this would have made more sense if I knew what/who Black Mask was. I only know that Jason stole his Kryptonite.

BIRDS OF PREY 9: Is Katana's husband...her sword? This was pretty cool! It was the only issue that made me want to read more of that series.

NIGHTWING 9: Stiiiiill don't care. Possibly the dude taunting Dick about Bruce hurting him would be effective if I felt like Dick actually gave a crap about Bruce, or anyone but his circus peeps, but I don't!

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT 9: I assume that is this issue, by process of elimination. Google confirms! Wow, I think I've overdosed on Talons. I now no longer care about them, the entire Court of Owls, or Batman! Tim, you look ridiculous hovering like that.

BATMAN ANNUAL 1: Wow, this was...really good. Creepy and effective! I love it when something doesn't make sense, and I'm about to write it off as "comics" and then it actually *didn't* make sense. And Dick and Damian working together! I wonder how much of this Tynion wrote? I wonder if he'd answer if I asked him.

CATWOMAN 9: Yeah, don't care about Talons. Or Catwoman. But I want to care about Catwoman! Why not use this opportunity to make me care about Catwoman!

THE ENDING STORIES ABOUT ALFRED'S FATHER FROM BATMAN: Oh I guess they did split these up. Maybe I'm not going crazy. Hmm wait were these written by Tynion? I am really curious about his writing chops okay! He's practically a baby and he's super adorable! I should read Talon but I have just overdosed on Talons.

*Well I guess you have now! Hahaha. *cries a lot*

I also went to a screening of the documentary Wonder Women, which should air on PBS this month. It traced the history of Wonder Woman in the comics up through the 70s, then how her tv series and emergence into the popular consciousness inspired other warrior women, like Buffy and Sarah Connor. I found the whole thing really interesting, and well worth watching, though I would have liked more about Wonder Woman or other superheroines in modern comics.