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December Topics

Topic open house for December!

Pick a date in December and give me a topic, and I'll say things about it. It can be anything you want; personal, fannish, work-related, political, favourite memories, travel, whatever.

I reserve the right to hand-wave at prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet.

So I've already missed a week of this but frankly I doubt I'm going to get any requests (almost tempted to post this on tumblr but I think that would defeat the purpose). I really need to get into a writing habit, so please request a thing! (And if anyone has one that they still want requests for, let me know~)

December 15 - One thing that you love about each of the Robins.
December 18 - Favorite ship in any fandom.
December 21 - Absolute favorite Suikoden character.
December 23 - Pretend I know absolutely nothing about your favorite ship. Explain the ship and/or the universe in which the ship resides as one would explain to cat (or 5yo..either/or).

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