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In which I love the Robins a lot

December 15 - One thing that you love about each of the Robins? for [personal profile] lurkingcat.

Oh man! What don't I love about the Robins? If I really have to pick only one thing (I can go on for paragraphs about each, believe me):

I love Dick Grayson's history. He created and defined Robin. He gave Batman a partner, a foil, a lover or brother or son or maybe all of the above depending on how you choose to interpret things today. He knew and was respected by most of the superhero community, and had an epic journey from Robin to Nightwing to his own Batman.

I love Jason Todd's passion. His anger for the criminals, and his care for their victims, was intense. His anger at Batman was more intense, and born out of the huge pile of unfair that was his life. (As much as the reboot screwed everyone else over, I'm happy that Jason is getting a chance to move on with his life.)

I love Tim Drake's dorkiness. He was just a weird lonely kid, kind of a stalker, and then he somehow landed his dream job. And he was still an earnest dork, who always tried to do the right thing and loved his friends, and then was finally getting back to that place towards the end.

I love Stephanie Brown's optimism. She made mistakes, she had terrible things happen, and she got back up and did better on the next try. She was determined to make it work, and she did it with a smile.

I love Damian Wayne's growth. He was raised to kill and to consider everyone else his inferior, and he started out by rejecting the first lesson. His partnership with Dick taught him friendship and empathy, and while I doubt he'd ever reach Dick Grayson levels of good, he was on his way to at least being a decent person. (The reboot Batman and Robin was also really good wrt character growth but I feel too betrayed to even think about it usually.)

I haven't read anything (except a reboot issue) with Carrie Kelly but I like her hair and glasses!

I've only read the first trade of reboot World's Finest, but I love Helena Wayne's determination to make it in the world she's ended up in. While Karen is determined to get back, Helena seems more accepting of how things are, and what she can do where she is.
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[personal profile] meicdon13 2013-12-16 05:52 am (UTC)(link)
All of the Robins are adorable ;A; If you wanna read more about Carrie Kelly, the original The Dark Knight Returns (where she first appeared) is the thing to read. Or you could watch the two-part movies *___*
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Oh thank you for that :) DC makes me so sad these days and it's nice to be reminded of the good things.