jet: the Sanzo-ikkou from Saiyuki (ikkou)
jet ([personal profile] jet) wrote2013-12-21 10:18 am

Favorite ship

December 18 definitely today - Favorite ship in any fandom? for [personal profile] meicdon13.

Sorry I'm late on this one - I've been busy and exceedingly stressed and also I forgot about it yesterday >.>

Are you sure you don't mean favorite ship in every fandom? XD Because how can I pick just one?! No, I'm going to have to go with all of them.

Saiyuki - Hakkai/Gojyo, forever OTP
CLAMP - way too many sob. Souma/Kendappa, Yuki/Touya, Kuro/Fai, Seishirou/Subaru, probably more
Marvel - Billy/Teddy, David/Tommy, Monet/Terry
MCU - Bruce/Tony/Pepper
DCU - Tim/Kon, Jason/Kori/Roy
Young Justice (cartoon) - Bart/Jaime

I can keep going...

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