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So my dad offered to pay off my mom's house, and I'm pretty sure has convinced her to not try to sell it. This would be fine, except that she currently has $2000 total. How many months of electricity is that?

Meanwhile, he's trying to talk me into staying with her and taking over the bills. As shitty as the place I'm moving to is, at least there I won't be expected to do what they say, plus I can get rental history and a reference out of it. Here, I would be shackled to a huge and money-absorbing house as well as the stress of trying to help my mom actually /do/ anything.

I can't take it anymore. I can't keep trying to help her only to have her ignore my advice or just plain not do anything at all. She's going to have to do it on her own.

I'm still moving in today. Goodbye internet.

And I'm sorry I didn't reply to the comments on my last post, thank you all! /hugs
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Good luck, Jet! Happy moving!

(And yeah, that's a really shitty move of your dad to try and shove everything on you. Seriously. DO NOT CAVE. It's not only NOT your responsibility, he's enabling her bad behavior. He's basically saying that you should be stuck there to pick up the pieces so she can do whatever she wants. She'll NEVER have any consequences. Just... no. NO. This makes me so angry for you, seriously. Hopefully you're busy moving today and not caving.)
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Um, ew. I'm not sure I even want to know. :(

And you're welcome. Anytime.
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