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I have just finished the final book in Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series, and I am sorely disappointed by the lack of fanfic. There are several stories for a spoilery canon pairing, which is great, but where are the fics about Sandy*? If there was ever a character that is just crying out for all the fic-! And, okay, it would probably be angsty if you focused on certain things, but I would eat it up with a spoon there are certainly a lot of other things to write about. I guess it might be less interesting without the true love aspect, but I just want allllll the fic about him.

Next up: re-reading all the books to develop my own headcanon about him.

*Nickname used to avoid spoilers.
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FLIST I NEED YOUR HELP. I am looking for gay SFF! More specifically, non-depressing sff which doesn't hit my squicks, which include slavery and noncon and...I don't know how to describe my other one, but those two seriously knock out most sf it seems. Also most original slash. (I am JUDGING YOU, slaveficcers.) I am also not looking for erotica unless it has a plot. I am well-acquainted with most of the presses that do gay erotica for women, and their sci-fi just seems icky. (Most of their fantasy is urban, and I've at least tried most of what looks interesting there.)

In short!
- Science fiction
- Fantasy
- Happy ending
- Gay protagonist OR
- Gay secondary character(s) who get relationships
- Lesbians, I am sadly lacking in them

- Slavery
- Noncon
- Depressing
- Contemporary
- Historical
- Aliens/whatever with human or near-human intelligence treated as sex toys (see also noncon)
- One half of the couple DIES
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So there's that. Also, feel free to ask me for a review of anything.
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Apparently this meme was for World Book Day, which I missed, but Imma do it anyway.

The book(s) I am reading: I currently have checked out from the library: Inda by Sherwood Smith, Tongues of Serpents by Naomi Novik, Goblin Quest by Jim Hines, Sea of Wind by Fuyumi Ono, and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon. Whether I will finish them depends on if I get over my reader's block. (What? That's totally a thing.)

The book I am writing: None. The only thing I am writing is the backstory of my death knight.

The book I love most: Currently I'm gonna go with the Smoke series by Tanya Huff, because they make me happy!

The last book I received as a gift: Smoke and Ashes by Tanya Huff.

The last book I gave as a gift: The first Vampire Diaries novel. Don't look at me like that, she asked for it!

The nearest book on my desk: My desk barely fits my monitor. The nearest book to my bed, where I am now (yay netbooks) is Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold, which I...also have not read. /fail
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Mini-reviews of stuff what I have read lately:

Shadows Return by Lynn Flewelling: The fourth book in the Nightrunner series, and probably even more over-the-top than the rest of the series. Alec and Seregil are kidnapped and sold into slavery, and who doesn't want to read about that? It has a resolution of it's own, but seemed mostly like setup for the next book, so I'll reserve judgment until then. (Don't get me wrong, if I didn't enjoy these books I wouldn't keep buying them.)

Jhegaala by Steven Brust: The story of Vlad's time in the East during his exile. Ow, depressing. Marvelously shows off Vlad's character development, but is joining Teckla in the 'books I don't like to re-read' department.

Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett: I saw someone mention this in a slashy context, and went "Jaida? As in [ profile] ladyjaida who wrote that really hot incest piece I mean the Shoebox Project*?" And lo! it was. Unsurprisingly, this book is really good. First off, it has CLOCKWORK DRAGONS and if that thought does not bring joy to your soul then you are beyond my reach. It's told from the pov of four different narrators, each very distinct, and has a good blend of drama, action, and a good leavening of humor. The romance is...really adorable, so that I was often left going "This is such a slash cliche--ahmygaw, kiss him you fool!!!111ssd;g'j';e squeeeee!!!" because I am special like that. And the best thing about reading a book written by slashers is knowing that you are not just imagining that UST. (I can't specify without spoilers, but I felt their subtext in certain things was not as much sub as text; I really want to discuss it with people who like and dislike a certain thing.) But seriously: well-written, wonderful characters, gay romance, CLOCKWORK DRAGONS, go freaking read this now so I can squee over it with you!

*No, the Shoebox Project is not the incest story, the Shoebox Project is a well-know Sirius/Remus fanfic thingy. I don't even like the pairing and I'm a fan of it.

Vassalord Vol 1 by Nanae Chrono: This is SO MUCH CRACK. It stars gay vampires Johnny and Charley (who is also a cyborg and not-priest) as they fight evil in various forms such as the SECT OF EVIL UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS. I don't even know what else to say about it other than CRACK CRACK CRACK I love it.

Also, I offered a Nashville care package for [ profile] livelongnmarry which went for $50! Now I can go hit downtown for souvenirs knowing that somehow, metaphysically, this money is actually supporting gay marriage HA TAKE THAT TENNESSEE not that I am still upset about that fucking amendment or anything.

Next up: complaining about my life!

ETA: You know what's disappointing? When you get salmonbotted and the other person knows what's going on but still won't have a fun conversation with you. D:
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I want pink hair, you guys.

Am emoing a lot, alas, alas.

Since I am never going to write reviews, comment with something I read last year and I'll give you a mini-review of a sentence or two. Or, for fun, comment with a number between 1 and 141 and get a surprise review.

Confidential to [ profile] koumou: am on vol. 4. They are, aren't they? (Komui might not be.) I'd still ship Allen with Kanda (why not?). Also, there was more Yzak you liar. ...Should we watch the SE? Does anyone sub them? When does the movie come out?
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I always feel strange when an author dies. Whether I've read their work or just heard of it, I feel somehow deprived. I feel guilty about this as I watch the community mourn, those who knew the author and those who didn't, but were still connected. I'm not connected.

But there's a strange feeling of connection when the author of the book you've been leisurely reading over the last few weeks dies. I've been reading The Last Hot Time in small doses, carrying it around to read while I'm waiting somewhere. I finished it today. I loved it. I know he wrote many more things, but now there will be no more. And I feel deprived.

In other news, music sharing time!
Vienna Teng - Gravity
Within Temptation - Angels
Theatre of Tragedy - Envision
Lifehouse - Breathing
The Hazzards - Gay Boyfriend
EMI - Anima Libera
Nanne Gronvalle - Haal om mig

And while we're at it, does anyone have more Vienna Teng? ETA: Or Within Temptation?
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Went to the mall today. Aquired: lunch, sparkly Shinkansen stickers from the Sanrio store becaue, dude, could you resist puffy sparkly train stickers that say things like "Shinkansen is the only way to go!" with a smiling train? I didn't think so, Dzur, and a pomegranate frappuccino. Also got in over an hour of bookstore reading, or three manga volumes. (I am shameless.) (Hey, I spent $25 on that book.)
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I didn't say they were coherent thoughts.
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So I watched the season finale of Doctor Who the other night with my mother, and had to spend the whole first section explaining what "Darleks" (as she called them) were. Finally finished, the first commercial break happens, and almost immediately the phone rings. It's my little sister: "What are Darleks?" (They both started watching about halfway through the season.) (And for anyone who doesn't know, Dalek.)

I'm currently reading Fight Club, and it's boring. Jeebs, I don't like your "guy books".

Last Friday (not this past one, but the one before that) I journeyed to the bookstore and was overjoyed to discover that they had both Saiyuki Reload 4 and Black Powder War. I read Reload immediately, and was leisurely reading Black Powder War when my sister stole it, so now I'm saving the second half to read on the trip.

My only thought on Reload, other than "Eeeeee Hakkai and Gojyo's Burial Arc!", is Hazel's accent? No. Just no. Speaking as someone from the south: no. I'm sure the editors did the best they could, but still no.

Other than that, I finally read the latest Wheel of Time book, Knife of Dreams. I had been planning on waiting for paperback, because I was too heavily invested in the series to not read it, but it was just sitting in the library staring at me so I took it. My verdict: surprisingly not bad! I remembered all the major plot threads, and could follow everything easily. (Things actually happened, too.) I knew being completely obsessed with the series as a teenager would come in handy someday.

What else? Oh hey did I mention that I now have A CREATIVE ZEN VISION:M OF GLORIOUSNESS? It is shiny and black and awesome and I named it Temeraire. It has only one video on it so far, and sadly Veronica Mars is in the wrong format for it, but it has all my music on it. Edit: Just discovered it doesn't show txt files. Alas!

Leaving Wednesday morning; better start packing now.
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Monkey: A Journey to the West retold by David Kherdian My interest in Journey to the West is primarily Saiyuki-based )

Luck in the Shadows, Stalking Darkness, and Traitor's Moon by Lynn Flewelling The Nightrunner series )

I've also been attempting to read A Feast For Crows, and am about to give up on it. It's just been too long since the last one, and I don't feel like re-reading them. Plus my current rape/murder/incest/gore/zombies quota is being filled by Saiyuki, and it's a lot more pleasant there. The gore and murder are understated, the rape is offscreen, the zombies (or at least one of them) is kinda cool and has a gun, and Hakkai would probably not push any children that saw him and Kanan going at it out the window.
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Okay, what music-playing software do you all recommend other than winamp? Note that "I use WMP/iTunes because it came on my computer" does not constitute a recommendation.
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Lately I've been sleeping a lot, reading a little, re-discovering my hate of contacts and absolute love of Fruits Basket.

And now I am incredibly excited over Dzur, despite the fact that it won't be out for several months (also despite Vlad's little brother Melvin). Stemming from that joyous news, I went to Steven Brust's weblog and now I absolutely crave ice cream.

Up next eventually - more thoughts on Howl's Moving Castle.
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I'm reading The Persian Boy, and I keep picturing Bagoas as Haku. (Does this make Alexander Zabuza? Alexander probably has better fashion sense.)

And NOW I am trying to picture all of them as anime characters. (Alexander and Hephaestion as Ryo and Dee?) I was already mentally replacing "boy" with "uke". Someone needs to shoot me.


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