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I don't know why I'm posting this, because, like, one person will understand it. But anyways.

So the new WoW expansion pack is about to come out and I AM EXCITE. My only dilemma is which classes to play! My main is my lovely troll shammy, but I want a dwarf shammy like burning, because I do like dwarves even though they're Alliance. But do I want two shammies on the same server? This also makes me face the issue of which characters I want to get to level cap, which is all of them usually. But I know I'm not going to be able to, and so I really want to waste a slot on my main server for an alt that is going to take a backseat because I already have a shaman? Decisions decisions!

My next decision is which class to make my goblin. Goblins are the thing I am most excited about in this xpac, because JUST LOOK AT THIS. This is even despite the problematic starting quest where CATA SPOILERS you rip out you're ex's heart - literally. /CATA SPOILERS Goblins are just badass. I'm thinking a caster class, and I'm going to make my worgen a priest, so that leaves mage and lock. We have like 300 warlocks already, so I'm leaning towards mage. But warlocks are more evil! I want to be evil! On the other hand, that might be fun to play out in RP, which would be on my other server, despite my main server actually being an RP server. SO okay, goblin mage and I'll make a lock over on WrA...eventually. Probably a troll, because trolls are the best.

I also want a troll druid, but I already have a nelf druid, and I don't like them enough to want two. Maybe if I delete my night elf I'll have room for that dwarf shaman. On the other hand, I'd feel bad deleting her and I really like her name. Dilemma!

As it stands, I have 3 open character slots on my main server. Two of these are reserved for worgen and goblin, but I don't know about the third yet. Troll druid or dwarf shaman? Blood elf warrior? I wish I could run a poll on here.

Maybe I should ditch them all for...undead hunter! Okay, actually I think undead hunter is a weird combo, but apparently lore doesn't allow undead pallies. I love undead as well - actually I love ALL the Horde races and need to roll an orc - but I just don't have room for them what with all my duplicate classes. I have an undead priest and a belf hunter on WrA, but I never play there for very long. Augh, this is all so complicated. Curse you, Blizzard, for providing such an entertaining game!
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I am the biggest dork in the universe. PICTORIAL EVIDENCE INSIDE )

Tomorrow: Knoxville. Tuesday: St. Louis. In other words, I will be scarce.
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Whoo, the Hobbit Party is officially over. Today we* watched all three Lord of the Rings movies (extended editions of course) and ate like hobbits, which means: Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Lunch, Tea, Dinner, and Supper. I may never eat again. It was great fun (mostly) and I didn't even have to bring up the slash jokes, because the guys were making so many gay jokes, and often so much cruder than I would even think of, that I could only watch in awe and occasional horror. I knew there was a reason I don't spend that much time around guys my age (hush we're pretending it's by choice). Well, that and any longer and I would have to ask/demand that they stop calling things "gay" in a derogatory fashion.

(Incidentally, they are now playing Grand Theft Auto of some sort downstairs and I can hear it really well and if that means I can't fall asleep later I will have to go ask them to turn it down which will be uncomfortable.)

(Oh geez, and now I'm dealing with heavy shit on aim. I am so out of my league. I'm never speaking to minors again. ETA: Thank god, it doesn't seem like anything that would require immediate intervention, but. Does anyone know where I could find information on, like, helping random teenagers over the internet? Or how to figure out when the situation is such that you should do something?)

*We being approximately twenty-five people, in two apartments.
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Okay, so, yesterday was exciting! We will start at that midnight, or closer to one, when my sister crept into my room and kept me up until 3am. Much of the time was spent going,
"Look! [Spoiler] has fangs!"
"Where? ... No he doesn't."
"Yes he does!"
"No he doesn't!"
"Yes he does!"
"No he does- eee, look at them in the background!"
"[Spoiler] had better not die."
"... [Spoiler]'s gonna di-ie~ [Spoiler]'s gonna die~ except he's not because [Spoiler] will save him eee~"
Collapse into giggles, rinse, and repeat.

ANYWAY. Then we had to get up at 7:30 and go spread mulch at our grandmother's because our dad is cruel and evil. Yes, we knew we were supposed to get up at 7, and I, at least, was planning to sleep at a reasonable (for me) hour. Thus this is all my sister's fault. We went and spread mulch, then went to the computer store and bookstore and I got my pomegranate frappuccino that I had been wanting for WEEKS.

Next stop was the Frist, specifically, the Egyptian exhibit, which is pretty nice. The audio tour is included in the price, which was a godsend since my eyes don't function as well as they should after four hours' sleep. The exhibit features a lot of statues, carvings, etc, a few furnishings, household objects, and jewelry, as well as a reconstruction of the tomb of Thutmose III and one mummy, the most exciting parts of the exhibit. (I like mummies.)

The audio tour was interesting, though often long-winded. Some of the most interesting parts were tangential, a second part of the explanation, so I recommend listening to those as well. The children's track was exceedingly obnoxious and condescending, at least to me, so I only listened to one of those. My only objection to the regular audio track was at an exhibit of jewelry, including a golden belt which apparently jingled, and we get commentary of a male professor telling us "I imagine it would be... a husband, working, maybe at his desk, when his wife walks by, wearing the belt, jingling... it would be... distracting...." (Paraphrased, but really like that.) I practically rolled my eyes out of my head.

The other problem I had was not with the exhibit, but a personal objection to the content! When I was in New York, I went to the Met exhibition of Hatshepsut, a female pharaoh. She was a very successful ruler, with huge building projects and trade networks and such, and then after she died most of the images of her were defaced or destroyed... by Thutmose III, the focus of this exhibit. I am not inclined to be very impressed by him. The thing I actually did find fault with was that Hatshepsut was only mentioned twice in the entire exhibit, and only as his regent who kept him from becoming pharaoh as he rightfully should when he came of age. That is not exactly what it said, but that is definitely the tone, and it pissed me off.

Anyway, the exhibit is definitely worth seeing. Even if you've seen the usual statues and coffins and such, the reconstruction of Thutmose III's tomb, with the Amduat, the depiction of the journey of the sun god through the underworld overnight, is really fascinating and worth seeing and hearing.

After that, I became a true geek when I installed a Linux operating system on my dad's computer. It was a proud moment, and I was impressed by the ease of installation and use. It took me a bit to figure out how to some things, but it was a lot easier than I had expected. (We're using Mandrake, which is now called Mandriva.)

And then I watched the end of the first season of Princess Tutu, which I am in love with, and went to bed, except I didn't go to sleep because my sister came in to squeal at me some more, thus starting the vicious cycle over again. At least I didn't have to get up this morning.
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It's amazing how squeeful I can be over a fandom I'm not actually caught up in yet. I was so excited I actually ventured outside to go squeal at my sister. I'm pretty sure I went "Kyaaa!" at some point.

Other conversations today:
"And I want you guys to knock down all these spider webs..."
"...You know what's going to happen, don't you? You do it."
"Okay. I want half your eye."
"I'll consider it."
"Argh! Something in my eye already."
"But it's your left eye."
"I hope they're satisfied with my left eye, I need the right one."
"You pissed off a bunch of them, they'll want more than an eye."
"They're small, they can share. Everyone can have a bite!"
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Am having way too much fun being a dork and playing with the romance novels at It's like your own Mary Sue without the work of writing!
The passionate romance of Lady Jet and Marquis Gojyo )
And a vampire romance too, featuring a friend! )
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Cut for totally serious discussion! of the gayness in Saiyuki )
Why yes, we do often converse almost entirely in capslock.
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Okay! I am leaving for New York in one week, and so I ask for anything you may know about the Big Apple: what to see, what to avoid, amusing anecdotes, advice for getting around, how to not murder your family while stuck in a hotel room with them for two weeks, what to wear, how to blend in and not be eaten by citydwellers, where you can find excellent sushi for a low price, etc. We'll be mainly staying on Manhattan, occassionally leaving to go to... I don't know. Whatever's outside of Manhattan. It'll be fun.

This icon is an attempt to seduce you into answering.
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My mouse isn't working (I'm afraid I like bent the receiver thing or something) so I am using my old mouse which randomly moves the cursor to a corner of the screen sometimes. Wtf, mouse. Making me accidentally close the browser while I have three windows open and am doing something in each of them is not cool. Also, you know how lj galleries gives pics those obnoxious names like 000b134x? That makes it really confusing when you are saving pictures into a folder and then your browser closes and you go back to saving and don't notice that they are now saving into a previous folder and now you can't tell which are which. I just hope they view in order.

Over the weekend I saw Narnia, argued over who was the ugliest Pevensie child (totally Edmund), hauled what felt like an entire tree to the curb, watched two discs of Saiyuki, laughed a lot at the aforementioned discs, actually watched Naruto and was annoyed by the constant commercial interuptions ("GET BACK TO ZABUZA!") and also my sister making fun of the snow because she does not understand HAKU'S DEEP AND DEVOTED LOVE BEYOND DEATH (see also icon), had meatbuns which no-one really liked but that's okay more for me, and did an amazing dramatic reading of selected scenes from Romeo & Juliet for the benefit of my sister who is reading it for school.
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It is really hard to get good tears worked up when your sister is nudging you going "What? Shirts? I don't get it." Repeatedly. Throughout two whole scenes.
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I bought pork buns. I'll let you all know how that goes (what do you mean steamed?).

And! Those delicious seaweed rice cracker things that I love so very much. Because I went to the Asian market at Farmer's Market because I went downtown because I helped mum out at Ladies of Charity which I am not doing again when Terri's there, because I was there to, like, feed the homeless, not do filing. Filing requires me being paid.

Tomorrow: gay cowboys! For definite. We're going early, and if they are sold out I am totally buying tickets for the next showing right then.

Um. I seem to be able to type only in incomplete or run-on sentences. Not that this is anything new. But choppier. And possibly valley-er?
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So, who wants to help me spend money? Because I am going to order manga. From Japan. Which I can't read. The manga, not Japan. Because, um, I am spoiled. What all should I get?

There's no problems with ordering CDs from Japan, right; they aren't region encoded like DVDs right?


Did you know that you can get Saiyuki posters in every pairing? Okay, so it's just all combinations of the ikkou, but we all know it's really so everyone can get the pairing of their choice.

My choice, however, is Minekura art, not anime art. Most of that seems to be older stuff, though. Alas.

Also, chibi Gojyo is fucking terrifying.

There's no reason I need a life-sized Sanzo wallscroll, right?

...Wait, I have no wallspace. Dammit, the shounen retards are coming down. I only need one poster each of Naruto and Yu Yu Hakusho, right? No, I am not secretly a teenage boy. OR AM I?

There is a YoruSoi soundtrack on [ profile] fst. Ooh, I want a Yoruichi poster. Do they make those? Wait, scratch that, I want that Bleach swimsuit thing as a poster. Because, hawt.

...Maybe I can take Sesshoumaru down too. <--Blasphemy!

ETA: Regarding this, where is the cover from? Was it just placeholder cover art or something? And also, "Category: Religious, Inspirational" IT SURE INSPIRED ME.
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I'm bored. Send me music?

For all of you, especially those of the literary persuasion, Moxy Fruvous - My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors.

In other news, I re-installed the Sims 2 today and promptly made Hakkai and Gojyo. I had a running narration in my head, which I will share with you: fear my comma abuse )

And watch this space for pictures of THINGS.Click for pictures of GOJO! )
ETA: And an explanation: [20:13] Jet Draconis: It's my dad's. I went over to his house, passed the counter, did a double-take, staaaared.
[20:13] Jet Draconis: Decided it was a sign
[20:13] potofpetunias42: mwaahhh!
[20:13] potofpetunias42: indeed
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Instead of sleeping like a sane person, I am reading incredibly OOC Saiyuki fic ending in mpreg. Go me!

Though if I ever see the word 'man-root' again, I may hurt someone.

In CANON news, ::flails:: Nii! Goku! Hakkai bitchslapping Sanzo! Sanzo's face! Angry villagers? How much has Sanzo put together? Can Hazel be any gayer? Why isn't the next chapter out yet?!
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Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and Happy Chanukah and whatever else!

Relatives woes were alleviated as only the ones I like were there. My grandmother's habit of getting me ridiculous clothing reached new heights this year with some sort of pink frock thing with a black fur collar. This was not as ridiculous as the gift from one uncle, namely a McDonald's gift card. So much caring, I am astounded. I do wish relatives would stop buying me stuff; I never get them anything. My aunt did give little Sarah and I a joint gift of four volumes of Bleach! Sarah will of course be keeping them - I really wish for a pooled library. Little cousin got a color-changing lightsaber and whacked us thoroughly with it.

We all went to mum's for Christmas Eve, and played board games. Life takes on new levels of fun if you play as the Sanzo-ikkou and attempt to get all the characters in your car, even if you have to stack Yaone and Lirin on the roof. Also, one of the phrases in pictionary is "white men can't jump" to which I say wtf wtf WTF?? That was completely impossible to draw and also racist. Anyway.

Christmas morning we defended the presents from little Sarah, and got dressed and kinda cooked and stuff and mum went to get grandma. We ate and I started in on the booze, which made me feel happier for about half an hour, then we opened presents. And then grandma started complaining, so mum took her back. Then it was time to head to dad's, and more sorta-relatives. We ate again (artichoke dip I love you) and opened more presents, most excellent.

List o' Loot: XXXHolic vol 1 by CLAMP, Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling, War for the Oaks by Emma Bull, Serenity, a hard drive, Slayers Next, Lost season 1, Age of Mythology Titans expansion pack, a green lightsaber, and strawberry pocky WHICH I CAN NEVER EAT. Thank you Becky and Sarah and Becky and Sarah!

What else... last night we played poker, then Jeopardy, and my sisters know nothing about Star Wars. THEY COULD NOT NAME THE MILLENNIUM FALCON. Becky came up with the category! She says she only knows the prequels, which I find disgusting. And then Sarah, who on the previous question had not only told me the word for vice-captain in Japanese but can also name the district in which certain Bleach characters grew up and can probably recite their entire life (or death as the case may be) history, blood type, and favorite song, called ME a geek for knowing that Han Solo was frozen in carbonite. Psssht.

And that is all. Now to home to hand over BtE's pressie when she stops by.
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Was forced to deliver Christmas baskets today. Bah humbug.
Then went to see King Kong, which was glorious and full of dinosaurs and really gross insects!
I can now add "time capsule" to the list.

I actully managed to catch most of Naruto tonight (thank you dear), and then inflicted my thoughts on my poor sister, so I'll inflict them on you all too:

Jet Draconis: Naruto made me saaaad
[ profile] koumou: it was funny
Jet Draconis: I was like "Sasuke, I liked you once!"
[ profile] koumou: sasuke loves naruto
Jet Draconis: I know <3
Jet Draconis: That's why I liked him
[ profile] koumou: so if he turns out to be gay anyway, will you still like him?
Jet Draconis: Um, no.
Jet Draconis: Because a) this is a shounen series, so that will not happen.
[ profile] koumou: haha
Jet Draconis: 2) I have vowed not to forgive him this time!
Jet Draconis: III) I expect Kishimoto will get me to like him again anyway, he's sneaky like that.
Jet Draconis: and four) Naruto still loves him and anything that makes Naruto happy makes me go awww.
[ profile] koumou: ..

To summarize: I am crazy and need to go to bed.


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