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Oh right, I was going to complain about stuff. I slandered the router when I complained about it earlier; it was the modem. So I got up way too early on Friday because the Comcast man was supposed to come between 8 and 10. He actually showed up at eleven, and replaced the modem and fiddled with the cables because the connection was being slow. (And I didn't thank him very well, because I was distracted by internet when he left. Sorry, Mr. Comcast Man!) But things couldn't be that simple, because then the router wasn't working. Oh, it lit up and was broadcasting so I could get to the internal workings page, but it refused to acknowledge the modem. I tried resetting it, nada. But I was leaving for my dad's house soon so I just gave up eventually. Maybe it will magically start working while I'm away!

Other than that, my dad's new boat is freakin' sweet. It's a deck boat, and looks like the bastard offspring of a pontoon boat and a large speedboat. It is, essentially, a party boat. It seats eleven and has something of a sound system and a, like, port-o-potty thing which I will never be using. It's got some power to it, as well, and I think it's slightly faster than our old boat, though it's hard to tell because apparently the speedometer is broken. We went to fill it up yesterday, and that was kind of painful. ("...Is there a one in front of those numbers?!") I will take pictures next time I go out.

I also finished Princess Tutu, which, gah. And it would have been more gah had I not been inadvertently spoiled. (I was also sort-of spoiled for Veronica Mars season 2, not in an explicit way, but I think I know who did it and I really hope I'm wrong because I want to be surprised like I was at the end of season 1. Also I should probably take a break from hunting for Holic fic and finish that tomorrow.) And me being spoiled was not the spoiler-person's fault, but not my fault either and man, I hate spoilers.

ALSO, Worldcon 2008 will be in Denver, which, well, is not Chicago but is drivable! And Bujold will be GOH. WHO WANTS TO GO WITH ME?
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Hot library smut! Yes, safe for work.

[ profile] koumou and I trying to decipher Tsubasa is the funniest thing ever. She knows as much Japanese as I do now (which is, uh, very little). In fact, I think she knows more kanji than I do. She knows blood and eye, which are very necessary for reading Clamp. I have a plan. [ profile] koumou, you focus on the vocabulary and I'll haul my book out and work on grammar. Between us, we'll be able to read sentences!

In other news, the internet is loading incredibly slowly wtf is wrong with our router. I suppose I should go and make sure it isn't the modem at some point....

Things to Do: Make to-do list.

And in case I'm not on later, [ profile] aaria, your stuff got here today! I will take good care of it until the con! And what the heck is in the really long thin box?
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I am tiiired~ I fell asleep about 4am last night, and was rudely awakened at 7. Sister1, who had made her glorious return from Harvard Summer School last night, was too tired to go to school today which meant I had to drive Sister2, since the rents were driving to Indiana or something to buy a boat. So I was like "Naptime!" when I got home, but I was too awake so I read, and played on the internet, then finally went to sleep sometime after noon. And then Sister1 woke me up at 1:30 to bribe me into picking up Sister2 as well, since she was going to see Snakes on a Plane (which she didn't get to do HAHA KARMA). So after that I couldn't fall asleep again, and then after I picked up Sister2 we had to watch Princess Tutu, breaking for pizza and Daily Show reruns and Sister1 passing out Harvard souvenirs and by all that I basically mean I'm going to bed early tonight. Watch me wake up at 2am.
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OKAY DILEMMA. It's about time to change my desktop background, and I have a lovely one I want to use, but I'm afraid if I have two scantily-clad-women backgrounds in a row my dad is going to start asking questions. What to do?

Random questions meme )

And for the record:

I need to stay out of Clamp fandom before it becomes Dead To Me.

A list for my personal reference )
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Went to the mall today. Aquired: lunch, sparkly Shinkansen stickers from the Sanrio store becaue, dude, could you resist puffy sparkly train stickers that say things like "Shinkansen is the only way to go!" with a smiling train? I didn't think so, Dzur, and a pomegranate frappuccino. Also got in over an hour of bookstore reading, or three manga volumes. (I am shameless.) (Hey, I spent $25 on that book.)
Initial thoughts on Dzur )
I didn't say they were coherent thoughts.
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Okay, so, time to talk about SHINY THINGS.

I may have mentioned I have a shiny beautiful car~ What should I call it?

I ordered more stuff from Japan. I'm afraid this is going to become a habit. Well, every six months shouldn't be too bad.... I got Saiyuki Reload 7 (with youkai Hakkai! and also pictures of the ikkou with each other's weapons, which I am tickled by. I should try to scan those.), Wild Adapter 5 (I have the rest in Japanese, and who knows when they'll be out in English... plus I really love this volume.), X 16 (which has furigana, unlike Saiyuki. I recalled someone complaining about them changing it in the anime, so my sister and I checked and concluded that he uses anata, and then switches to kimi. I bet this Means Something in Japanese, but damned if I know what. Also we discovered our scanlation is missing a page. And that was as vague as possible on purpose.), and the X Infinity artbook which my sister paid for half of so she gets to keep it in her room.

I got Antique Bakery 4 a while ago, it is so incredibly good and you all should read it. The description makes it sound like ordinary BL in a bakery: it's not. I wouldn't even call it BL; the pastry chef, Ono, happens to be a gay man. His affairs are really no different than anyone else's. The manga is essentially a set of affecting stories about ordinary people, all connected to the bakery. My description doesn't do it any sort of justice, I recommend you take a look at it and see. Plus, it has pictures and descriptions of lots of delicious food!

My goal of "reading everything by Clamp" is proceeding apace. I'm almost finished with the library's collection, and have scanlations of most things. I'm doing this basically to "get" all the crossovers in Tsubasa, and my reading splurge will end with me catching up. I need to do this soon; I am thoroughly spoiled for almost all of the series and I have read the last two chapters and squealed like the fangirl I am, but I feel like I missed a lot of development. Which I have, I only read up to the start of Sharano/Shurano and from what I understand a good deal of the development happens after they reach X world. Something to look forward to! (Also is it bad that I really want a Tsubasa/Amber crossover?)

To do tomorrow: acquire Dzur.

In the weird coincidences department, there had been some posts lately about the music video to "Total Eclipse of the Heart". My sister and had had happened to listen to that repeatedly, since there is a Subaru/Seishirou AMV to it on youtube. (X (and TB) spoilers!)

Also, Cassie Claire will be a guest at Dragon*Con. Huh.

(PS. the suggested spelling for Seishirou is Shropshire.)
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Okay, new layout (I use the term loosely). [ profile] jetdragon How do I make it not suck?

Haven't been updating because I'm an emo kid and am all like "No one cares!" whenever I try to write an entry.

Other than that I have been dorking around with my sister. Whiteboards are wonderful things.
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Why haven't I slept yet?

It is entirely too hot, and has been for way too long. I may need to move to Antarctica.

I think Loveless has eaten my brain. Oh shouta catboys, why so intriguing?

Also, I need Zero girls fic. Like, right now. I deserve it to make up for me crying in front of my little sister. I would have been sobbing over that episode if I had been alone.

And finally, GIP. (If you look closely, Sanzo is flipping you off!)
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Hope everyone's having a good 4th. I spent the day alternately hanging out with relatives, who brought small children and are thus not fun (I miss my pyro uncles) and reading Tokyo Babylon. So I've been going ":D Shuttle launch! ... D: Subaru ... :D Fireworks! ... D: Seishirou" all day.

Also, my first year combining alcohol and fireworks! Will report on that later if not horribly maimed. (Kidding! Really!)

Exciting events so far: One of the buzz bombs, instead of taking off and spinning like it was supposed to, instead stayed on the ground and exploded. Like, cherry bomb force. Awesome! (I was already under deep cover because I cannot stand anything that spins while shooting sparks, unless it is stationary.)
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Just so you know, I am writing this on my dad's laptop, which we are borrowing for the trip because I refuse to take mine and have it get stolen or broken. I am still at home, so why am I not on my own laptop? It's at my dad's house, where it will be safe from some random woman I don't even know who is going to feed the cats for us and who mother is giving a key to the house to. This woman creeps me out, and I am untrusting. I fully expect to come back to a house devoid of furniture and electronics.

Leaving in four hours, so here is some amusement while I'm gone.

The Dalek Song.

The first chapter of Just! by Kazuya Minekura, scanlated. Don't know who did it or if they're doing any more.

[ profile] mina_de_malfois If you're in fandom, you'll enjoy these hilarious pokes at it. You'll have to friend her to get the rest of the stories, but it's worth it.

I don't know how often I'll be checking my email, but you can reach me at (probably).

And if anyone wants to leave me links to fic or interesting things in the comments here so I don't have to search all over creation for it when I get back, I would be forever grateful.
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So I watched the season finale of Doctor Who the other night with my mother, and had to spend the whole first section explaining what "Darleks" (as she called them) were. Finally finished, the first commercial break happens, and almost immediately the phone rings. It's my little sister: "What are Darleks?" (They both started watching about halfway through the season.) (And for anyone who doesn't know, Dalek.)

I'm currently reading Fight Club, and it's boring. Jeebs, I don't like your "guy books".

Last Friday (not this past one, but the one before that) I journeyed to the bookstore and was overjoyed to discover that they had both Saiyuki Reload 4 and Black Powder War. I read Reload immediately, and was leisurely reading Black Powder War when my sister stole it, so now I'm saving the second half to read on the trip.

My only thought on Reload, other than "Eeeeee Hakkai and Gojyo's Burial Arc!", is Hazel's accent? No. Just no. Speaking as someone from the south: no. I'm sure the editors did the best they could, but still no.

Other than that, I finally read the latest Wheel of Time book, Knife of Dreams. I had been planning on waiting for paperback, because I was too heavily invested in the series to not read it, but it was just sitting in the library staring at me so I took it. My verdict: surprisingly not bad! I remembered all the major plot threads, and could follow everything easily. (Things actually happened, too.) I knew being completely obsessed with the series as a teenager would come in handy someday.

What else? Oh hey did I mention that I now have A CREATIVE ZEN VISION:M OF GLORIOUSNESS? It is shiny and black and awesome and I named it Temeraire. It has only one video on it so far, and sadly Veronica Mars is in the wrong format for it, but it has all my music on it. Edit: Just discovered it doesn't show txt files. Alas!

Leaving Wednesday morning; better start packing now.
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Exciting day; almost collapsed from heat exhaustion. Later: castle pictures. Stay tuned!
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Oof I am sore. I was waylaid into doing yardwork yesterday by my dad; we spread four yards of dirt and thirty-two bags of mulch at my grandmother's. This resulted in us going to the Thai place for lunch, since her house is on that side of town, and my tastebuds were happy. The rest of my body, not so much.

After that I beat Kingdom Hearts 2, and I am jonesing for some good Sora/Riku. One day I will find where the good KH2 writers are hiding.

This afternoon's plans include seeing The DaVinci Code, which my family is a little bit too excited over - I mean, the book was a fun two hours but not all that great. At least Ian McKellen will be in it.

Also I am missing being out on the boat to do this. UNFAIR. (Except, of course, that I want to go out by myself so I'm not too upset over it.)

Added later: Didn't post this because I was distracted by Gaiden before I left. Ian McKellen was indeed the best part of the movie. Still sore.
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Went shoe-shopping today, returned with two books and a box. Why does no one make sneakers in my size? Or even any walking shoes in general? I hate having wide feet.

ETA: I suddenly have the urge to study Egyptian mythology. (Set and Horus oh my god. I lol'd.)
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Okay, I'm not going to angst. No, really. I'll just complain instead.

Nah, I won't actually. It's just existential angst season, what with everyone graduating.

I ran into an old friend from grade school the other day. She's married and has a baby girl.
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What Organization XIII member are you? Find out Here!


Anyways, I am at home with lovely working internet and a stomachache which I've had since Friday. Over the weekend I: had a fever, defeated Demyx on the sixth try (...poor Demyx), watched that Chain of Memories movie thing and took notes which say things like CoM spoilers ) so I could remember who was who, and went to the Colonial Fair.

Winamp has died again; that was my third install! This time it just stopped playing - the title would load but it wouldn't do anything. This persisted after two reboots, so back to media player. Alas, I just don't like it or musicmatch. Winamp why do you hate me and my new hard drive, you never did this on the old one. And semagic won't detect what I'm playing on wmp!

I also made an awesomely spiffy phone strap with my Gojyo charm; pictures forthcoming.

ETA: KH2 spoilers in the comments.
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Am on dialup, connected at 26.4Kbps, wtf. Also, Demyx keeps killing me and I don't even want to fight him anyway - I think he should start a rock band with Axel and Roxas. In other exciting news, I had a fever last night and no idea why!

[ profile] lyerial, if you see this, let me know if you got my last pm? I don't think I can load gaia on this connection.
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A special story for you all: Once there was a girl named Jet. One weekend she went to her father's house so she could see her sisters and play video games. Sadly, his internet did not work and so she was saddened by the lack of it. On Sunday she went home, turned on her laptop and said, "Yay, internets!" She sat down to check her f-list and THE POWER WENT OUT WTF. The end.

Things wot I did this weekend:
-Made sea-salt ice cream (okay, popsicles)
-Broke KH2
-Hauled an entire maple tree to the curb

Things I desperately need, updated!
-A working internet connection (now my router is not working whyyyy)
-Tsubasa past chapter 82 (I'll get up to whatever StopTazmo has once I have internet)
-xxxHolic volumes 6 and 9+, assuming those torrents I found work
-Good KH2 screencaps
-The Planetes anime
-A better version of Semagic, if there is one
-A job
-Information! How far along are Tsubasa and Holic, and how often do new chapters come out? Is the Planetes anime good? Where can I find a good psychiatrist in my area? Is Tokyo Babylon best read before, during, or after X? Nana is only twelve volumes, right? Why is the library refusing to acquire the books I request? If I ever feel like starting another long-ass shounen series, should I go for the One Piece manga or anime? How much are the Salty Dog artbooks at Kinokuniya in Manhattan? When does Death Note start sucking, and would you recommend I keep going or stop after the suckiness begins?
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-Internet connection intermittent.
-Suspect it will go off completely in 15 minutes.
+It did stay up long enough for me to look at latest Saiyuki chapter.
+I made several icons in between glaring at the modem.
----I forgot my memory card and so cannot play KH2.

Overall: LIFE IS WOE (I need more Axel).


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