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What have I read this month? I actually finished a real book, instead of setting it down after 100 pages and wandering off to tumblr. Shut up, it's an accomplishment. (It was Life of Pi.)

I read Phonogram, Gillen and McKelvie's first(?) project together, and liked it more than I thought I was going to. I understood exactly none of the references, but the overarching metaphor was clear enough. I liked the first volume better than the second, at least in part because I like McKelvie's art a lot better in black and white. It does look "manga-like", and you can do a lot with screentone. I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they had that sort of deep relationship with music and...clubbing, I guess. I may write an actual review at some point.

Batwoman, Volume 2: Read more... )

Batman: Night of the Owls: was a terrifyingly huge trade. 15 issues! I'm just going to post the commentary I made on each issue.Read more... )

I also went to a screening of the documentary Wonder Women, which should air on PBS this month. It traced the history of Wonder Woman in the comics up through the 70s, then how her tv series and emergence into the popular consciousness inspired other warrior women, like Buffy and Sarah Connor. I found the whole thing really interesting, and well worth watching, though I would have liked more about Wonder Woman or other superheroines in modern comics.
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There are a lot of good reasons to complain about Red Hood and the Outlaws, but I am stating right here and now that I really enjoy it, and I liked Lobdell's entire run, especially this last issue. Oh how especially this last issue.

(I keep meaning to write up a lot of things, but I'm just sort of low on energy. What's up, everybody?)
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Books? What are those? My reading consists entirely of superhero comics and fanfiction. (I am sadly not kidding.) Some highlights:

Batman, Incorporated and Batwing trades: Read more... )

A bunch of random Teen Titans volume 3 trades: The main thing I took away from this is that Gar and Vic should make out a lot. I assume they didn't have the sort of fanbase Tim/Kon did because they aren't as attractive. I'm sorry you're a furry, Gar. :/

But the final story arc of preboot Teen Titans bothered the hell out of me Image underneath! )
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Spoiler-free reactions to comics:

Young Avengers #1: ...underwhelming. Still optimistic.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #16: Yawn. Also, when I haven't read it in a while I tend to forget how I don't like his writing.

Nightwing #16: This was probably the most effective DOTF issue yet, in terms of Joker psychological torture.

When it comes to older comics, I'm always torn between reading things I already read fanfic about so I can write my own fanfic about them, things I want to read so I'll want to write fanfic about them after I read them maybe, and things that I might actually enjoy but that I might not want fanfic about. And I mean, the current fandom for the things I want to write about is not really...extant anymore. Maybe I should just read faster so I can read everything.
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I don't like superhero comics. I don't know why I'm in superhero comics fandom. I mean, I can trace all the steps along the way, but it just seems like escalating bad decisions. (Note: I will be using "comics" as shorthand for "mainstream US superhero comics".)Read more... )
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My fannishness would be much less conflicted if I had stuck to my decision about never reading DC. And then stuck to my decision about not following the reboot stuff. Sigh.

I gave in and archived pretty much all of my tumblr fic on AO3. Things I haven't posted here:

A bit of Tim/Kon fluff that I wrote as a present. I feel bad about writing Tim/Kon because I haven't read much of anything with them from before Kon's return, so my characterization is mostly fanon. Well, a lot of my comics characterizations are fanon because I can only read so many issues per day, but I actually want to form my own opinion here because this is an OTP.

Sort-of Alex/Darwin drabble (NSFW). I'd been trying to make my friend watch XMFC since...well, since it came out, because that was when I cared, but she finally actually watched it the other day. I figured she'd go for the Cherik like everyone else in the entire world but she has been ranting about the ACTUAL doomed romance of Alex/Darwin which is great but it's giving me feels again.

Two reboot Batfam drabbles. The first one was a reaction to Tim's new backstory, because I am pretty much always and forever mad about reboot Tim killing tiny stalker Tim. The second is about Jason's time as Robin. I told the person I wrote it for that I felt like I made Bruce too nice, but he would HAVE to be nice for them to have any sort of emotional connection there, what with four Robins in five years. I mean, Tim's relationship with Bruce is completely shafted/makes no sense now (is he still Tim Drake Wayne? His parents are still alive!) but Dick's and Jason's are treated as the same, despite that making no sense...

Several Young Avengers ficlets. I apparently have feelings on queer visibility in media, and also all the boys. No one requested the girls, sadly. I have feelings on them, too. Not really on the Vision though.

(I already have feelings on America Chavez too, and they are mostly INCREDIBLE EXCITEMENT. I cannot WAIT for the new series!)

ETA: Oh and also, I would just like to leave this cover of an upcoming Teen Titans issue here completely without commentaryRead more... )
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New post to keep track of things I've read. (Maybe I'll put real books here too! If I...finish any.) Previously: trades read 2012.
2013 )
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Right, so I should introduce myself to newly friended people! Read more... )

In more interesting news:

- Someone on tumblr has put up a translation of the first chapter of Ants of Heaven, which I only glanced at because I am not at my own computer to look at the scans with it, but yay!

- Every time I start thinking of maybe giving DC some of my money (when I get some), they do something that reminds me why I don't. Thanks for reminding me that you don't actually want my money, DC!

- I intensely dislike creators being on tumblr and I feel like everything is going to end in disaster, "everything" being the intersection of Gillen's trolling and the young and intense Young Avengers fandom. Didn't Teen Wolf fans drive someone off the internet or something? I don't know, I just predict doom.
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I caught up with this week's Nashville, and everything was so green! (Except for the one scene where it was randomly fall.) I hate winter. I still don't really have many thoughts on the show except: Juliette! Woobie. I have moved from just watching the scenery to genuinely caring about characters...well, one character.

Also this week I read the Astonishing X-Men: Northstar trade, the one with the gay wedding. It contains the issues from the start of Liu's run to the wedding, which is like...4 issues, and sadly did not label the characters for me. I really, really, appreciate when comics do that. Also, I still can't tell which one is Iceman when he's not coated in ice. It also has the Nation X issue where Northstar and Kyle go on a date, which only reinforces my opinion that supers should date within the community (though Northstar and Kyle are really cute together), and the issue of Alpha Flight where Northstar first came out, which is essentially a PSA for AIDS awareness. It was a really sad issue both in terms of the plot (dying baby!) and the historical context it was published in. (Yes, I just called 1992 historical.) Large image under cut )

Also, apparently Scott Lobdell continues today to write the same way he did 20 years ago.
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If you missed it, you can opt into my comic uploads filter here. If you can't see that post, don't hesitate to ask for access.

I made a new tumblr friend who also has the theory, which I considered briefly after reading the 0 issues, that Lobdell intends to make Tim related to Jason in the reboot. I dismissed this on account of Do Not Want but since other people think it... if this ever turns out to be true I just want to be able to say I called it before I then begin shrieking about it.
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Comics from the past two weeks:

X-Factor 246: Read more... )

Action Comics 14: I didn't actually read this, just the bit with the Neil Degrasse Tyson appearance. I thought it was pretty cool.

Batman and Robin 14: Read more... )

Batman 14:Read more... )

Avengers Assemble 9: You know those movieverse fics where they just all hang out in Stark Tower and banter? That is literally this issue, except with Carol and Jessica Drew, which pretty much makes it 500% more awesome.

Also...if I were to start, um, sharing some weekly comics here, would anyone be interested? I already share with others, so I might as well put them here too. I'll put up a locked poll on dreamwidth since I guess I'll filter that. If I haven't granted anyone access who wants it, just give a yell.
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Life continues to be depressing. I continue to read comic books, which are ALSO depressing. I also forgot how much I hated following things that came out monthly.

Well, whatever. In an effort to be upbeat:

Things I Am Excited About
+ Ants of Heaven! I am DYING waiting for this to be translated, I need all the Tenpou & Kenren right now.
+ Wild Adapter is returning soon!
+ YOUNG AVENGERS IN JANUARY! To Do: Catch up on/finish Journey into Mystery, read Vengeance, probably just read Noh-Varr's wikipedia page.

Not being upbeat:
Things I Am Sad About:
- I hate reading scans a lot. I really should find a comic viewer with a better magnify option - Comix is great on my netbook, but I would much rather read on my Windows desktop with a screen that is 13" larger.
- Comics take way too long to read. I could read an entire volume of manga in 30 minutes, but comics have like, walls of text in every tiny bubble. It's harder to read, too.
- Pretty sure I will never forgive my sister for getting me into DC. My only consolation is that she also suffers.

I am also now trying this thing where I interact with people and leave comments sometimes? It's kind of terrifying but I'll keep at it!

And finally, I wrote a crack ficlet after seeing like 5 posts in the Young Avengers tag going "omg Teddy cheated on Billy?!" so I am posting it here for archival purposes. This ficlet brought to you by someone people‚Äôs apparent lack of reading comprehension. )
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With brief ridiculous commentary, unlikely to be amusing to anyone but me.
Read more... )
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I need to start keeping track of comics I've read, I no longer even remember. Also, it's difficult to have new interests when you don't have any money.

I finally watched Young Justice (animated), in a very confused manner. Sarah and I started watching it weekly as it re-aired beginning with the last two episodes of season one, so I've been slowly watching season one from the beginning over the past couple months while watching season two weekly. New episodes start back up this weekend, so, buoyed by the extreme relief I felt over the revelations of the latest aired episode, I finally finished season one. Now I no longer remember anything about season two. Sigh.

I was thinking about ensemble casts, and how I can't really list my favorite characters per canon in order. I usually have three tiers: love, like, dislike; with some outliers.

For instance, Young Justice. Love: Kaldur, Dick. Like: Artemis, Zatanna, Wally (about half the time). Dislike: M'gann, Conner, Roy (usually).

In Young Avengers, my groupings are: Love the Most: Teddy, Billy. Love Only Slightly Less: Kate, Eli, Tommy. Largely Indifferent To: Cassie, Jonas. Nate has his own category of "Fail".

(Also it occurs to me that maybe I should try being a fan of characters who aren't teenagers because I feel creepy when I read porn of them.)

With X-Factor I just basically want it to be a sitcom alternating between The Adventures of Rictor and Shatterstar (featuring Rahne and wolfbaby) and The Adventures of Monet (and Terry) Being Fabulous. Jamie and Layla can be recurring characters, Longshot can be comic relief, and maybe Darwin and Polaris can show up for hijinks sometimes.
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So because [personal profile] koumou is a terrible person she has been sending me Tim/Kon (Robin or Red Robin/Superboy) fics. I've been generally avoiding DC because I know people were rightly angry over the reboot and DC's general stance on making their comics appeal to a wider market (they are against it). And I still don't want to read any! Because after being shown things like this to document their 616!Steve/Tony level of canonness, and being forced to read over her shoulder as she shows me the pages where, after Kon's death, Tim destroys his cloning machine in a fit of rage over his failed attempts to clone Kon, and after being called out on his cloning attempts(!!) by Kon's girlfriend, starts crying, says "I miss him so much", and starts making out with Kon's girlfriend while they are both crying over their loss, I have to face the fact that in the reboot continuity, they essentially no longer have any sort of relationship. Basically, fuck you DC.

Also because koumou is a huge jerk she has infected me with Jason Todd feels. I don't want to care about any Robins, okay, or former Robins, or people who have never been Robin in the new universe (hahaha). They're just so... shiny.


At least with DC I feel 100% justified in not spending a penny on them.
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leave me a prompt. Basically anything Marvel, if I'm not familiar with a character/series/universe I will make stuff up. You get what you pay for.

Mostly I want to write weird universe crossovers that no-one else would ever read. (X-Factor Investigations in XMFC universe would be awesome okay.)
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So, in an effort to remind myself that comics are ugly and stupid and that reading them will only lead to heartbreak, I decided to read Young Avengers. I chose it because a) canon gay, b) lack of literal decades of bizarre continuity, and c) lack of fandom-inspired feels. Unfortunately, this plan maybe backfired and I want to read more of it. Well, hopefully the future terrible events that I understand occur will turn me off and I will be safe once more.

(Also, Iron Man repulsoring a teenager in midair was hilarious; way to be a dick, Tony!)

(Also also, reading the conceptual notes at the back: dude, in a genre that has like literally one gay character, you wanted to make another and then make him straight? For realsies? THANK YOU WHOEVER TOLD HIM THAT WAS A BAD IDEA.)