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Life continues to be depressing. I continue to read comic books, which are ALSO depressing. I also forgot how much I hated following things that came out monthly.

Well, whatever. In an effort to be upbeat:

Things I Am Excited About
+ Ants of Heaven! I am DYING waiting for this to be translated, I need all the Tenpou & Kenren right now.
+ Wild Adapter is returning soon!
+ YOUNG AVENGERS IN JANUARY! To Do: Catch up on/finish Journey into Mystery, read Vengeance, probably just read Noh-Varr's wikipedia page.

Not being upbeat:
Things I Am Sad About:
- I hate reading scans a lot. I really should find a comic viewer with a better magnify option - Comix is great on my netbook, but I would much rather read on my Windows desktop with a screen that is 13" larger.
- Comics take way too long to read. I could read an entire volume of manga in 30 minutes, but comics have like, walls of text in every tiny bubble. It's harder to read, too.
- Pretty sure I will never forgive my sister for getting me into DC. My only consolation is that she also suffers.

I am also now trying this thing where I interact with people and leave comments sometimes? It's kind of terrifying but I'll keep at it!

And finally, I wrote a crack ficlet after seeing like 5 posts in the Young Avengers tag going "omg Teddy cheated on Billy?!" so I am posting it here for archival purposes. This ficlet brought to you by someone people‚Äôs apparent lack of reading comprehension. )
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New Saiyuki chapters are up on [ profile] saiyuki_manga, in case anyone hasn't seen them already. I'm so excited! And have a sudden burning need to re-read the whole series. I'll have time for that in a couple weeks, but limited access to my physical copies and little desire to read from my computer screen. Sigh. (Of course I'll have to for anything past Reload 9 and all of Gaiden. Extra sigh.) It'll be interesting to follow a manga again...
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Re: Reload 5: I could have sworn Tokyopop kept the honorifics in, but apparently not. (It's hard to tell because apparently no one uses honorifics - the only ones I can think of offhand are Yaone and Hakkai to one another.) Flipping through Reload 4 I see a "Mr. Hakkai", but I seem to recall Yaone calling Hakkai "Hakkai-dono" in Saiyuki and I don't think that was scanlations because the whole series was out by the time I read it. Maybe I'm remembering the anime or something. Ah well, I am just saddened at the lack of "Sanzo-han".

Also, they switched from matte to a glossy cover. This makes no difference to me, but I wonder why?

Incidentally, livejournal no longer shows the correct time when I update. Did my last entry not show up, or do you all just hate me? (Don't answer that.)
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Am having way too much fun being a dork and playing with the romance novels at It's like your own Mary Sue without the work of writing!
The passionate romance of Lady Jet and Marquis Gojyo )
And a vampire romance too, featuring a friend! )
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Cut for totally serious discussion! of the gayness in Saiyuki )
Why yes, we do often converse almost entirely in capslock.
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Attn. [ profile] koumou and other interested parties: Translation of the new Gaiden! (Which is here in case you lost it.)
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Oof I am sore. I was waylaid into doing yardwork yesterday by my dad; we spread four yards of dirt and thirty-two bags of mulch at my grandmother's. This resulted in us going to the Thai place for lunch, since her house is on that side of town, and my tastebuds were happy. The rest of my body, not so much.

After that I beat Kingdom Hearts 2, and I am jonesing for some good Sora/Riku. One day I will find where the good KH2 writers are hiding.

This afternoon's plans include seeing The DaVinci Code, which my family is a little bit too excited over - I mean, the book was a fun two hours but not all that great. At least Ian McKellen will be in it.

Also I am missing being out on the boat to do this. UNFAIR. (Except, of course, that I want to go out by myself so I'm not too upset over it.)

Added later: Didn't post this because I was distracted by Gaiden before I left. Ian McKellen was indeed the best part of the movie. Still sore.
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More KH2 Spoilers )

In other shiny things news, I finished watching Season 1 of Veronica Mars. Holy crap. I want to start watching season two right now, not the least so I can find out what happens to [character], who went from "asshole" to "woobie" in record time. Also I have a huge crush on Veronica. Should I watch it as it re-airs, or find a torrent? Decisions decisions.

I was going to link to some interesting discussion on the Tiptree long list, but then I realized that the majority of my flist, who are unfamiliar with the Tiptree Award, would never ever take it seriously if they were introduced to it in this context.

A Saiyuki/Buffy fusion, the ikkou as Slayers.

I have to go to the doctor tomorrow for ear trouble, but it stopped bothering me and I hate hate hate the doctor, so I shouldn't go right?

And just as fair warning, I have been having fun with LJ-Toys, and I now know everyone's service provider, as well as who actually reads my entries (or rather looks at their flist while an entry of mine is on it). I generally don't like these things, because I tend to think people will go "Thirteen visits from [ profile] jetdragon? Does she refresh her friends page every five minutes?" (Answer: yes.) On the other hand, I like being nosy. Difficult!
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Finally, pictures! STFU I'm lazy.

First we have my luvverly phone strap, featuring beads and Gojyo (and my beat-up phone):
I am cutting this for those of you on dial-up. )

And next, the Best Shirt Ever:
Even though I think that's only one of you. ) And really, can you think of a better crossover? (Other than Saiyuki, I mean.)

I mailed all three Netflix movies back on the same day. Netflix has sent my next movie out, but claims two of the discs haven't even got there yet. I find this unlikely. Fie on you, Netflix, depriving me of Veronica Mars.

These boss battles are all a) hard, and b) boring. Needs more Organization XIII. But not for Sora to kill. (Jeez Sora, why don't you try talking to these people? Look, you've basically got Axel wrapped around your little finger, and you could have convinced Demyx easy. You guys could have started a rock band! ...Okay, having to remind Axel that you aren't Roxas every five minutes could be tough, but still.)

I want to write blatantly self-indulgent self-insertion fic and publish it on the pit to the accolades of tens of sockpuppets fangirls. Maybe I will.
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My April Fool's )

Speaking of fools, there is a Fitz/Fool soundtrack up at [ profile] fst.

I haven't done much lately. Saw V For Vendetta twice. Had horrible scarring conversations with my mother. RPed gay makeouts in the shy thread. The usual.

And of course I spazzed over the latest Saiyuki chapter. I got the amazing and wonderful [ profile] boxtopmiko to translate a few pages for me before someone did the whole thing, which I will put here for posterity: Of course it was these pages. )

Other than that, I have got to get my sleep schedule back in order. And clean the house before MTAC. Prereg ends tomorrow, for anyone planning to go.
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I was talking with [ profile] lyerial about Saiyuki sci-fi and why there wasn't more, so for my own reference here's a list of those I've found. My definition of sf here is "whatever feels like it to me."
Sadly this is of no interest to anyone else )
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So I've been cooking lately! So far this week I have made: Japanese-style curry rice, ginger-beef onigiri, and hibachi-style fried rice. We took a trip to the Asian market and so I've also tried an-pan, cream bun, and sesame ball-things which taste like peanut butter. After finding [ profile] mmmbento, I wanted to try making bento boxes, but was thwarted by my lack of an actual bento box. So I made my sister onigiri for lunch and stuck it in tupperware. It wasn't very good anyway; I managed to mess up the rice. (I am talented like that!) The curry was for dinner the other night, and was because our local Kroger carries the curry roux (this is amazing since they don't even have nori and I am forced to journey to Publix) and possibly because I was looking over Wild Adapter - I can't say reading, curse my lack of Japanese and so I asked the sister "If I make this, will you eat it?" and she said yes and so I did and it was pretty darn good. It was also extremely easy to make; I'd cook it again anytime. Tonight was hibachi-style fried rice of my own recipe, which went: some oil, about 2tbsp butter, 2 eggs, some chopped carrot, some chopped onion, the leftover messed-up rice from the onigiri, too much soy sauce. It tasted pretty close to the hibachi stuff, if a bit more soy-y. One day I will learn to cook healthy food.

It's apparently International Saiyuki Week, but I never have anything intelligent to say, oh well. Other people do, and that's all I ask.

(Speaking of which, I went to LoC on Tuesday with mum and sister and spent my time writing wangsty Hakkai/Gojyo Hakkai/Sanzo love-triangle fic, because... I don't even know why, I think my brain is trying to come to terms with my irrational hatred of 83. But after seven hours of writing (on-and-off) I have almost two handwritten pages. This is why essays and I don't get along.)

Incidentally, I have a lot of Saiyuki artbook pictures uploaded here, mainly for gaia picspamming purposes, so the Saiyuki thread people will have seen most of them.

Hey [ profile] insecticide409, I think it's time to catch up in Naruto.

Finally, a meme: Make up the title for a story I didn't write and I'll give you the details of it.
This should be quite easy, as I only ever wrote about four that I published on the net and they were taken down long ago.
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In lieu of giving you all actual Valentines, I have shiny pictures for you!

Click the picture for larger.

Possibly NSFW! Naked Utena and Anthy. )

Lovely YoruSoi fanart. )

Bleach girls in swimsuits. )

Bleach guys in black. )

We interrupt this progression for random het. A pretty fall picture of Inuyasha and Kikyo. )

And now we come to the Minekura art, or, Minekura draws hot women too. )

And now the Saiyuki boys. Sanzo looking sexy at you. )

And now Gojyo. )

Hakkai. )

Goku. )

Tenpou and Kenren. )

And because I feel like it, I'm also sharing some Saiyuki fanart. Generally worksafe, and generally featuring Hakkai/Gojyo. I couldn't tell you exactly where most of these came from, but try here, here, and here.

Eight images, the last two a little risque. )
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I feel like I stole this icon idea from someone, but I don't know who. If you know of anyone with an icon similar to this one, let me know. (ETA: I remembered who had one like this! But I dunno if it's okay for me to make one so similar or what. 'Trigger happy' was one of the first things I thought when I looked at that cover, so....)

To do: Order Dragoncon membership. Apparently they have a handy online store now, very convienient.

Ah, an interesting thing! A summary of Minekura's Christmas story, which she apparently does on her blog every year. (Scroll down to the entry titled "The unintended and exceptionally long entry @_@" - it starts at about the middle of that.) A summary of 2004's story is here.

I am dying for a spellchecker.

ETA: Oh god so addicting send help.
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Wah, I've been accosted by random highschool students! Now I know the area to avoid at 2:30 on weekdays.

This weekend was spent mostly being dorky about Saiyuki (yes all my weekends are dorky shut up). But first, on Friday night we went to dinner at Sitar and ohemgee the delicious. I don't remember exactly what I tried, because mum got a sampler and we all tried some of everything, but it was all so good. I'm hungry just thinking about it.

This was a preemptive reward for then sitting through two hours of concert at the cathedral, in benefit of the anti-death penalty people or whatever. We were actually there because [ profile] insecticide409 won first place in the essay contest! Congratulations! But since the singers generally sucked, other little sister let me have half her iPod, ie, one earbud, and we listened to that instead. Afterwards there was a reception which was cool because hey, free wine, but it took forever. After that I went with the sisters to my dad's.

The highlight of Saturday was the new chapter of Saiyuki, so I was like OMGWTFBBQ all afternoon. I brought Gaiden for [ profile] koumou to read (or not read due to being in Japanese) and we squeed over baby Goku, who is possibly the cutest thing ever. [ profile] koumou's friend came over, I watched the last disc of Gensomaden Season 1, which was all filler and generally sucked, and we all watched Naruto. I am surrounded by Sasuke-lovers, and everyone was hatin' on Rock Lee. No taste.

I stayed over at dad's last night too, which meant I had to get up at 6am. Alas.
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Oh. Oh. He's rechargeable. Literally. *insert headsmack here*
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I just spent, like, half an hour on this:

I got 24, I r geeeeenius!

In other news, I bought lots of books because a discount bookstore is closing and they have all paperbacks $1, hardbacks $2. Three bags full for $20! It was like heaven.

Then spent twice that on an eighth of the reading material; manga is way too expensive.

I watched some more Saiyuki with a sister today. It was Hakkai and Gojyo's first meeting, and as I told BtY, "I'm trying to interpret this as moving towards a platonic relationship, and I just can't." I can no longer turn off my slasher-vision! Send help!

Why the hell am I not asleep?
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So, who wants to help me spend money? Because I am going to order manga. From Japan. Which I can't read. The manga, not Japan. Because, um, I am spoiled. What all should I get?

There's no problems with ordering CDs from Japan, right; they aren't region encoded like DVDs right?


Did you know that you can get Saiyuki posters in every pairing? Okay, so it's just all combinations of the ikkou, but we all know it's really so everyone can get the pairing of their choice.

My choice, however, is Minekura art, not anime art. Most of that seems to be older stuff, though. Alas.

Also, chibi Gojyo is fucking terrifying.

There's no reason I need a life-sized Sanzo wallscroll, right?

...Wait, I have no wallspace. Dammit, the shounen retards are coming down. I only need one poster each of Naruto and Yu Yu Hakusho, right? No, I am not secretly a teenage boy. OR AM I?

There is a YoruSoi soundtrack on [ profile] fst. Ooh, I want a Yoruichi poster. Do they make those? Wait, scratch that, I want that Bleach swimsuit thing as a poster. Because, hawt.

...Maybe I can take Sesshoumaru down too. <--Blasphemy!

ETA: Regarding this, where is the cover from? Was it just placeholder cover art or something? And also, "Category: Religious, Inspirational" IT SURE INSPIRED ME.
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I'm bored. Send me music?

For all of you, especially those of the literary persuasion, Moxy Fruvous - My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors.

In other news, I re-installed the Sims 2 today and promptly made Hakkai and Gojyo. I had a running narration in my head, which I will share with you: fear my comma abuse )

And watch this space for pictures of THINGS.Click for pictures of GOJO! )
ETA: And an explanation: [20:13] Jet Draconis: It's my dad's. I went over to his house, passed the counter, did a double-take, staaaared.
[20:13] Jet Draconis: Decided it was a sign
[20:13] potofpetunias42: mwaahhh!
[20:13] potofpetunias42: indeed
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Instead of sleeping like a sane person, I am reading incredibly OOC Saiyuki fic ending in mpreg. Go me!

Though if I ever see the word 'man-root' again, I may hurt someone.

In CANON news, ::flails:: Nii! Goku! Hakkai bitchslapping Sanzo! Sanzo's face! Angry villagers? How much has Sanzo put together? Can Hazel be any gayer? Why isn't the next chapter out yet?!


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