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Finally finished Suikoden IV last night. Verdict: unimpressed. Spoilers for the ending )

So, Suikoden Tactics: worth playing? It seems to me that they went "Know what we forgot in IV? Backstory." only they realized if after the game was already finished and so had to make a new one to fit it in. I do like backstory, though, and anything that adds depth to IV's characters can only be for the good. But that doesn't necessarily make the game interesting or fun to play. Thoughts/reviews?
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Currently futilely fishing for someone's pirate outfit. Bitch better be grateful.
ETA: Finally! Now he is back in his collar as is proper.

Random thoughts:
Vague spoilers up to the liberation of Obel, I guess. Nothing too specific. )

And now for my thoughts on Snowe, with pretty major spoilers )

AND FINALLY, who should I take in my final party? Who did you take in your final party?
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Me, procrastinating by updating lj? What a silly idea.

So, I wrote this the other day despite having never actually played Suikoden IV. I am one of those fans. Also my writing is still really terrible (but you know, self, if you keep at it you might actually get better).

Untitled, Ted/Aldo, prompt: music.
Read more... )

Edit 7/20: Finished IV so removed the [place]-holder.
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I finished Suikoden III the other night - the end of it, I mean, I beat the final boss a few days ago. I think the meaning I got from this game is cut for no one caring )

In conclusion, I still need more icons.
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So, I'm kind of failing at life at the moment. I feel like I should be a better friend and show support and talk to people about stuff, which I haven't been doing for a long time, but I felt that school was a valid excuse for that, and now it isn't, and so I apologize.

Regarding Strikethrough or Deletegate or whatever we are calling it, I'm glad I kept my interests acceptable due to siblings reading this. Since this journal is primarily read by people I keep in touch with outside of LJ and I fail at commenting to anyone on LJ, I doubt it matters but I have accounts under the same name at greatestjournal and journalfen (whose servers have been annoyingly robust) in case of some mass exodus or something. ::uses questionable icon::

In Suikoden news, since I rarely used the knights I am now slowly leveling them up. (Slowly because I get bored very easily, even though it's the last time I'll get to run around as Chris.) I suppose I could technically just make a new party since I already got the scene for them, but since I haven't used the knights I want to now. Besides, I am horribly wishy-washy when it comes to choosing parties.

I watched [ profile] koumou play some of Suikoden V, which I was overjoyed to discover looked a lot like the first two in playability, and was also very pretty. Except for the Prince's orange dress. Also, I need to play Suikoden IV as I am already shipping things. Cut for out of context IM convos and lack of capitalization. Or punctuation. Or grammar. )
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I am the biggest dork in the universe. PICTORIAL EVIDENCE INSIDE )

Tomorrow: Knoxville. Tuesday: St. Louis. In other words, I will be scarce.
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So, the Suikoden world confuses me. tl;dr )
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Cut for boring and personal )

So in light of that, today I played through Geddoe's chapter 2. Keep being inappropriately amused by Albert. Have decided to play Thomas' chapter 1 next but not his chapter 2 because frankly Thomas is boring, then play Chris, Geddoe, Hugo and go straight on with Hugo as FC. Also must remember to save in a different slot there so I can go back and pick Chris. I love Chris the most so far, which is interesting because I liked Hugo the best in the manga. Also, this game needs more gay. ...Other than the recruitable characters. ...And Percival. ...And god, Joker and Ace should just get a room. ...Okay, so what I mean is I want a Jowy or Ted. I am already sad that Caesar is not as flamingly gay for Hugo as he is in the manga and I haven't even gotten to him yet. Uh. Anyway.

Sisters then grudgingly invited me to some Earth day thing, but I felt that leaving the house was too much effort. Also, it was hot. Little sisters were actually using this as an excuse to go to the used bookstore downtown and so brought back a haul including The Last of the Wine, two volumes of Clover, and more Zelazny than you can shake a stick at. Half-watched Naruto while I was reading Clover, mostly to snicker at Sasuke's trauma, because Sasuke is a jerk.
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Oh my god I am going to have to re-play this game like five zillion times to see all the different things. This wouldn't be a problem except at this rate I will never get to the other games.

::checks ebay:: ::chokes:: (Ahahaha a Hero2 wall clock.) (Where does ShuxSheena even come from?) (Where do half these pairings even come from?) (I want like all of this stuff.)

I like 2 better than 1. The hero gets more of a chance to be angsty and conflicted, which is as heroes should be as far as I'm concerned. Of course, Tir gets more of a chance to be angsty and conflicted in this game too, which is impressive considering he can't talk. (I imagine their conversations going something like "...." "..." "......" "............" "..." AND THEY THEY BOTH WALK AWAY WITH GREAT UNDERSTANDING.)

...Needs moar icons.
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Since certain people are not on for me to comment to, more thoughts on Suikoden II: )
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Status update: I am on spring break! I should still be doing schoolwork! Hahaha not happening!

Yesterday's thoughts on SuiII: )

Today's thoughts on Phoenix Wright: Unnecessary...feelings. I NEED SAY NO MORE. Except that it would not let me open case three, and thus I was going to kill my sister, but after I played through case one again it showed them all so she will only be maimed slightly.
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So I finally beat Suikoden last night. zomg spoilers )

This is the second video game I've ever beaten, go me. Time for Suikoden II! (Actually, I have to finish Phoenix Wright first so my sister doesn't kill me and steal my DS.) (Homework? What homework?)
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I swear everyone in this game is trying to traumatize Tir. GG, Ted.

ALSO, I just removed Luc's wind rune, thus altering the entire future of the Suikoden world! I am awesome.

Phoenix Wright needs more save options. I think I am going to have to re-start the third case when my sister finishes it, alas it takes forever.

I wrote a sucky Suikoden drabble don't read it my writing is terrible but at least it's 100 words exactly! )

To do this weekend:
[ ]Watch movie for history midterm (dotdotdot). Do at least two of the sections. REMEMBER TO TURN THE CHANNEL TOMORROW TO RECORD IT.
[ ]Finish lab report. I will not have time to do it Tuesday morning.
[ ]Draft English essay. Might as well go ahead and finish it in case I don't manage it on Wednesday. Ignore peer review suggestions.
[ ]Do annotated bib.
[ ]Email psych prof about project.
[ ]Possibly do math homework, as test is next week.
[ ]Make Suikoden (III) icons.
[ ]Either read book, play Suikoden, or watch anime. PICK ONE TO FINISH.

ETA: I'm sure everyone has already seen it, but as a handy link for me so I can watch it for the nth time, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix trailer unf.
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What self-respecting vampire keeps evil unicorns in his castle?

Probably the same kind that calls himself the Neclord.

(I did not even realize the horribleness until I said it out loud to my mother and she groaned.)
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Well, things kind of suck at the moment. I think shopping is in order.

Also, I am playing Suikoden instead of doing homework. I should probably be doing this in private, as evidenced by when when Luc showed up and I squealed and my mother, from all the way back in her room, goes "What was that?"


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