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I AM COLD sob sob. I just felt that you all should know that. Between cold and dark and period I have spent most of the week under the covers because accomplishing stuff is for losers apparently.

Some of you have not given me your addresses. I can only assume it slipped your minds because if I thought that you didn't want a card from me I would have to CRY. SOB SOB now go here and gimme your address.

It is hard to do stuff when a cat is curled up on your chest. Also I think I broke my attention span.

Siblings, I feel the desperate urge to re-watch Gundam Wing. Who is in this with me?

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You guys, there is nothing to do on this campus, and almost certainly nothing to do off-campus around here either. Today was a day of tests, which means short classes and a lot of free time between them. After philosophy I studied for math and then walked around a bit and looked at Chinese Tsubasa scans on one of the hallway computers, which was rather fun. I wonder if anyone saw, and what they thought if they did. (Of course, being Clamp, it might have been indecipherable to anyone not up close.) I also got food and read while eating. I don't like the cafeteria's selection. Then in English she collected our essays and assigned the next one-oh, that's a thing to talk about. Our midterm essay, which we will write in class, will be a directive or informative essay. So, guys, what do I know how to do? Suggest topics! Something interesting! -Anyway, then she moved our work due this class to Thursday, and attempted to explain the format of a works cited page to the class, and let us go. I had an hour until next class, which is now down to forty minutes, so I walked around a bit and then got on livejournal again. You all do not update enough, and it's not like I can read y_d at school. I should either go read somewhere or ditch my bag and take a walk around campus, but I don't waaaant to. I can't read outside either, due to smoke. This sucks.
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The Inner Life of the Cell.
This is awesome. I don't even know what most of the stuff is, but so cool.

Also, I need to remember not to discuss my life with my mom because she is really really not helpful and I don't know that my self-taught positive thinking/coping skills are enough to stand up to it. I don't really have anyone else to talk to, though. Maybe I can try my dad for the practical stuff.

Does anyone know if it's possible to clep out of a class mid-semester? And if so, do you get your money back? Or the bits of your soul that have died a little bit more with every class?
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Ahoy mateys! You know, the good thing (for me, not you) about being in school is that I can complain about it. )

Jet, your pirate name is
First Mate Bessy the Drunk Eye

What is YOUR pirate name?
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PLEASE TO STOP USING "GAY" AS A NEGATIVE TERM. IT CONFUSES ME. When I see someone say "That movie was gay," I think "La, a movie containing homosexuality. I wonder if it has boys kissing? ...Perhaps I should see it" or "Really, I didn't think it was that slashy" until I realize what they mean and then I am terribly disappointed. I assure you, it is a terrible thing when I am disappointed: my eyes fill with tears, my lip wobbles pathetically, and I must weep piteously, "Why do people use such a term? Do they not realize that it really is anti-gay, no, really, I don't care if you don't mean it that way, think about it, what if I said "That's so black" whenever I thought something was stupid? Are you telling me that's not racist? I don't care if you're gay either, stop using it, it offends me." And while it may be difficult to change an ingrained speech pattern, there is absolutely no excuse to use it in writing. I have a confession, dear readers: in speech I often call things "retarded". I do try not to, but I have yet to find another word that so easily conveys the depths of my disdain for something. Yet I never use it in writing, not even in casual IM conversations with my less refined interweb friends. Typing a word out gives you that extra second to reflect, to think "This word is uncouth, and t'would reflect poorly upon me to use it" and to change your term to something more acceptable.

Politics Test )

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I just spent the whole evening being stuck downtown due to my sister's stupid college thing that my mom made me keep her company during, and I only got one drink out of it. I was planning on doing my homework tonight so I can slack off tomorrow (aka take care of finances, which is stressful as it involves phone calls), but alas it was not to be. I got to go to the main library, which is always nice, and I checked out a bunch of comic books because right now I am not in the mood to read big words unless they come with shiny pictures.

Ugh I'm tired.

Here is something for you all to watch:

Brain-breaking? Whatever do you mean? TESTIMONY:
[ profile] nocturnal5: ROFLMGFAOSJKDGlkj
[ profile] nocturnal5: I HATE YOU.
Jet Draconis: I KNOW <3
[ profile] nocturnal5: This is greattastic.
Jet Draconis: I know XD

I thought up stuff to write for that stupid English essay. Travel! It sort of fits the objective, and I can keep all messy personal details out of it. Now I don't have to talk to my professor yay!
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1. I am incredibly tired for no discernible reason; I slept about twelve hours last night. I may be coming down with something. Fie on you, con crud! I do feel warm, I should take my temperature (or turn up the air).
ETA: Wheeere is the thermometer?

2. I really enjoy my philosophy class. While sometimes I feel like the professor is talking down to us (see 2a), overall he seems very cool and laid-back. He's also very engaging, and does indeed employ the Socratic method. We're studying Socrates at the moment. This made me desperately need to re-read The Last of the Wine, which I am doing now. I need to buy it.

2a. Going to a community college does not mean that you are unintelligent. I realize this, and I am trying hard to keep it in mind. Why, then, do people in my classes keep opening their mouths and proving me wrong? I suspect I'm more sensitive to it because it is a community college, but really, I don't remember this level of dumb from other colleges. Also, the level of Christianity which seems to pervade the very air around me makes me nervous.

3. So for English we have to write some sort of stupid reflective essay about how our life experiences have shaped our goals. I have two problems with this: first, I don't have any goals; second, none of my life experiences are interesting and the ones that actually shaped me (depression) I am not willing to share. I would make stuff up, but I really hate feeling dishonest. I guess I need to talk to the professor about this, but do any of you guys have suggestions?

4. There is no number four.
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My schedule for the week, because I know you all are desperately interested.

Tomorrow: classes start! Try not to die. Must get parking sticker, ISBNs of textbooks. Optional: grocery store, liquor store.

Wednesday: Must take mother to work, and pick her up and take her to the airport, because she is going to Boston again to see her gentleman friend. I do not know exactly what is going on with them, and I don't think she does either. I should say I'll try not to pry but that is a total lie and I will demand to know what's what when she gets back. Also, shopping for the con unless I do that Tuesday. Start packing.

Thursday: classes. Also must stop by the liquor store, unless I do that Tuesday. Finish packing. Do homework as necessary. GO TO BED BEFORE MIDNIGHT.

Friday: Drive to Atlanta! Try not to die.

Friday-Monday: DRAGON*CON AHOY!

Monday: Drive back to Nashville. Pick up mom from airport. Try not to die.
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Oh right, I was going to complain about stuff. I slandered the router when I complained about it earlier; it was the modem. So I got up way too early on Friday because the Comcast man was supposed to come between 8 and 10. He actually showed up at eleven, and replaced the modem and fiddled with the cables because the connection was being slow. (And I didn't thank him very well, because I was distracted by internet when he left. Sorry, Mr. Comcast Man!) But things couldn't be that simple, because then the router wasn't working. Oh, it lit up and was broadcasting so I could get to the internal workings page, but it refused to acknowledge the modem. I tried resetting it, nada. But I was leaving for my dad's house soon so I just gave up eventually. Maybe it will magically start working while I'm away!

Other than that, my dad's new boat is freakin' sweet. It's a deck boat, and looks like the bastard offspring of a pontoon boat and a large speedboat. It is, essentially, a party boat. It seats eleven and has something of a sound system and a, like, port-o-potty thing which I will never be using. It's got some power to it, as well, and I think it's slightly faster than our old boat, though it's hard to tell because apparently the speedometer is broken. We went to fill it up yesterday, and that was kind of painful. ("...Is there a one in front of those numbers?!") I will take pictures next time I go out.

I also finished Princess Tutu, which, gah. And it would have been more gah had I not been inadvertently spoiled. (I was also sort-of spoiled for Veronica Mars season 2, not in an explicit way, but I think I know who did it and I really hope I'm wrong because I want to be surprised like I was at the end of season 1. Also I should probably take a break from hunting for Holic fic and finish that tomorrow.) And me being spoiled was not the spoiler-person's fault, but not my fault either and man, I hate spoilers.

ALSO, Worldcon 2008 will be in Denver, which, well, is not Chicago but is drivable! And Bujold will be GOH. WHO WANTS TO GO WITH ME?
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Dear router,
Why you gotta be a hater?
No love,

So if I randomly sign on to aim, it does not necessarily mean I'm at the computer.

I may be driving to Atlanta by myself. Adventure!(?) I hate driving in cities.

You guys, rec me books and movies. Not manga, as I have quite enough to read. Anime only if the series is finished, and preferably 26 episodes or less.


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