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On a more positive comics note, I feel like if I get any more excited over the upcoming Young Avengers series I might have a stroke. Seriously, I am so stoked. Every single thing that Gillen says only increases my anticipation. He's been doing a series of character profiles on his tumblr (Marvel Boy, Hawkeye, Miss America, Wiccan) and I can't wait until he does Teddy, my precious baby. I mean. I try not to sound creepy, but I basically am in regards to my love for the Young Avengers.

I still haven't come to terms with the missing original members, really, but I'm excited for the new ones as well. Mysterious Miss America seems really awesome, and she probably has a tragic past that will make me love her. I still haven't finished JIM, but kid Loki will undoubtedly be entertaining. I'm not sure about Noh Varr, but I'm sure I'll find something to like there. (I am referring to his abs.)
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Another thing I wrote on tumblr, archiving here.

Untitled, Young Avengers, Billy/Teddy, G, 248 words.
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Life continues to be depressing. I continue to read comic books, which are ALSO depressing. I also forgot how much I hated following things that came out monthly.

Well, whatever. In an effort to be upbeat:

Things I Am Excited About
+ Ants of Heaven! I am DYING waiting for this to be translated, I need all the Tenpou & Kenren right now.
+ Wild Adapter is returning soon!
+ YOUNG AVENGERS IN JANUARY! To Do: Catch up on/finish Journey into Mystery, read Vengeance, probably just read Noh-Varr's wikipedia page.

Not being upbeat:
Things I Am Sad About:
- I hate reading scans a lot. I really should find a comic viewer with a better magnify option - Comix is great on my netbook, but I would much rather read on my Windows desktop with a screen that is 13" larger.
- Comics take way too long to read. I could read an entire volume of manga in 30 minutes, but comics have like, walls of text in every tiny bubble. It's harder to read, too.
- Pretty sure I will never forgive my sister for getting me into DC. My only consolation is that she also suffers.

I am also now trying this thing where I interact with people and leave comments sometimes? It's kind of terrifying but I'll keep at it!

And finally, I wrote a crack ficlet after seeing like 5 posts in the Young Avengers tag going "omg Teddy cheated on Billy?!" so I am posting it here for archival purposes. This ficlet brought to you by someone people‚Äôs apparent lack of reading comprehension. )
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Oh, badfic writer. It's not that Billy wouldn't, at any given time, have cerulean orbs. It's just that they are not usually in his face.

(I want to rec Young Avengers to everyone while at the same time warning them away? Clearly this calls for a long post on my conflicted feelings. Once I have finished some of the work I did not do all week oops.)
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So, in an effort to remind myself that comics are ugly and stupid and that reading them will only lead to heartbreak, I decided to read Young Avengers. I chose it because a) canon gay, b) lack of literal decades of bizarre continuity, and c) lack of fandom-inspired feels. Unfortunately, this plan maybe backfired and I want to read more of it. Well, hopefully the future terrible events that I understand occur will turn me off and I will be safe once more.

(Also, Iron Man repulsoring a teenager in midair was hilarious; way to be a dick, Tony!)

(Also also, reading the conceptual notes at the back: dude, in a genre that has like literally one gay character, you wanted to make another and then make him straight? For realsies? THANK YOU WHOEVER TOLD HIM THAT WAS A BAD IDEA.)


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